MPU Meeting Tuesday 23rd August 2011

AFS automation project

Not much to report. Possibly 1 extra manual page. Chris confirmed that the statistics are being backed up.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Simon reviewed the patches and they've been installed. Basic compilation tests. Packaging, to be installed on prague. The code is now much more maintainable than it was before.

Install Scripts

Blog article written and mailed out to sys-announce. Arvind has some MAC requests. This is just an evaluation project, not an implementation one. Chris is continuing to look for clues as to what users want and what services we could support.

Simple KVM Service

this is just getting going. Looking at bridging and vlanning, SL6 didn't work. Client and server package lists. Looks relatively simple. However the current network component is not flexible enough. (Matthew at EE also has issues with this). Alastair suggests an addition that will allow the simple creation of network configs from key/value pairs. Best would be a rewrite in perl. There are too many combinations of vlans/bridging. Stephen suggests defining macros with Template::Toolkit.

Miscellaneous Development

from the operational meeting. Permission for users to reboot. There was some discussion of the relative meaning and merits of the differences between shutdown, halt and power-off and which behaviours users on desktops were allowed to do versus how things work on servers. This action is done, but with some caveats.

will be the default on stable release from 24/8/11. Remove STICK_WITH_SL60 from all lab machines, the new print server and log server. Check testing machine packages. Installer tested for 6.1, using cds not PXE.

SL 5.6
update. There is an issue with new password entries with low userid numbers. This should be taken to the LCFG deployers meeting. How do we control uids where numbers are shared and there is a high chance of conflicts. The SL6/SL5 dynamic ranges starts at different numbers 400/100


multipath warnings
turning off quiet brought some errors in the old configuration to light which have been around for some time. Stephen fixed these.

Deep sleep
Chris had looked into this re: the new 780s but it's not relevant as we don't send our machines into the approriate sleep levels. Deep sleep means very low power consumption where even wake-on-lan is disabled.

Activities List

Personal development topics
Alastair is going to add Dracut to his list. Others are as before.

Fibre Channel
multipath for SL6 needs working fibre channel but we're getting a kernel panic. This may be down to old firmware on some of our SANs. Alastair is investigating.

Add support for > 2TB disks

IS bios settings
awaiting next LCFG deployers meeting.

Copy next state ideas to project plan

Add access.conf

Northern cd drive
not yet

Review LCFG bugs
Alastair had made a list which we discussed. Stephen had also dealt with some others.

Start KVM project

Deep sleep

List MPU activities
user facing ... discussed and done.

Add now
change PXE and grub passwords - Chris

Add soon
Change BIOS passwd. when we get new models.

Add mini-project
Firmware updates. investigate and develop framework for firmware updates.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • SL6 fibre
    • KVM project - network component enhancement
    • Once SL6 PXE updated, change fstab params (GPT and UUID) for SL6
    • Take out lcfg-fstab devel schema from tobermory
    • Work through his LCFG bug list

  • Chris
    • Install scripts project
    • Discuss hadoop support with Tim - CSO
    • Change PXE/grub password

  • Gordon
    • alternatives component

  • Stephen
    • LCFG refactor - sorting out packaging
    • SL6.1 blog article (Thursday am)
    • update SL6 PXE after stable release
    • finish off poweroff reboot ACLs
    • Document DR server
    • Discuss database project with Tim

-- AlastairScobie - 23 Aug 2011

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