MPU Meeting Wednesday 10th August 2011

AFS automation project

Craig's longjob script has been packaged, submitted and installed. The stats gathering script is running nightly on alexandria. Chris will ensure that the stats collection is being backed up.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Stephen has done the necessary tweaking in response to Simon's review and has submitted the changes for review. Lots of testing has been done and the code is running as expected. We should, however, be aware that we are not exercising the full code base, even with 1300 profiles. The next thing to sort out is packaging issues, after which Kenny and Alastair will start their testing. After that Stephen and Simon will start the next stage of the project (see ideas from the last meeting (which Stephen will transfer to the project plan)).

Install Scripts

Chris has been looking at Mac packaging and CMake/CPack. Alastair suggested some possible additions to the list of possible pre-packaged software/services, including TiBS. Chris will survey Mac users to get ideas and opinions on what software or services would be most popular to tackle, on the degree of interest and also on what degree of configuration would be appropriate for a Mac - for example, self-managed with a few self-installed packages to configure DICE services/software? Totally LCFG-managed? A mixture?

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen thinks that it would be an advantage to develop a separate component to manage access.conf and similar files. This would increase our ability to manage these files and decrease the complexity of the auth component. This new component would enable us to allow people to reboot their own machines over an ssh connection. Stephen will add this to the Wee Projects list.

The STICK_WITH_SL55 macro has been removed from all profiles. MPU now needs to reboot its SL5 servers to bring them up to 5.6. Stephen will mail a reboot action list round MPU. Thanks to the new auth component Stephen noticed a couple of new package uids appearing and was able to add them to the standard configuration for SL5.

fstab & scsiroot
Development is complete. The component will now be deployed. The new version has GPT support, labelling by uid, and the four partition limit has been abolished. We will probably not deploy the new version on SL5.

Develop machines are now on 6.1 unless they have DICE_STICK_WITH_SL60 defined. Stephen has put this in dice headers just in case. (This will give us the option of staying with 6.0 while other sites go to 6.1 if necessary.) The only issue we encountered in the upgrade was two character usernames, which a new version of nss-pam-ldapd had prohibited by default in its new VALIDUSERS setting. Stephen has pinned the package version to make 6.1 use the package from 6.0. This will be necessary until Toby adds the necessary change to the openldap component to enable it to change the value of VALIDUSERS. This highlighted a consequence of the move to separate package lists for sub-releases: 6.1 machines cannot access 6.0 repositories, so the nss-pam-ldapd from 6.0 had to be submitted to the world bucket to make it visible from 6.1 machines.

Simple KVM Service
Alastair proposed this at the development meeting, and the proposal was accepted, so Alastair will start the project.


Package Forge
Stephen has added a Service Catalogue entry for it.

Eliminating this is a high priority. Apart from the necessary MPU support servers we only have four desktops and one server using this. The main problem we foresee with this is with roswell.

We will all review the outstanding LCFG Bugs for next week.

Blog articles
Chris will blog about the Mac install scripts study. Stephen will blog about SL 6.1.

SL6 Multipath
Alastair can now investigate this as the necessary preconditions are now in place (SL 6.1, fstab mounting by uid).

False errors
Chris has listed them at SL6InstallErrors.

BIOS Settings on new machines
Alastair has been comparing BIOS settings on our existing machines with the SelectPC settings and the "reset to defaults" settings, with two aims in mind:
  1. Fixing the settings on our existing machines.
  2. Ensuring that future SelectPC purchases come with the best settings.
These are the settings which we should look at and possibly change. Alastair will discuss them with the CSOs so we can fit the settings to what the CSOs need and expect.
  • ATA -> AHCI
  • Turn on Chassis Intrusion
  • Deep Sleep - Chris will find out about this.
  • PoST Hot Keys should be enabled.
  • SMART should be enabled.
There's also the question of possibly changing the BIOS password. Chris will raise this at the next Operational meeting.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Deploy new fstab and hackparts
    • Respond to network component bugs
    • Review existing LCFG bugs
    • Test fibre under SL6.1
    • Start KVM project
    • Discuss BIOS settings with CSOs
    • Consider MPU services provided

  • Chris
    • Check backups of AFS stats
    • Review existing LCFG bugs
    • Add change BIOS passwd as ops meeting topic
    • Check whether BIOS Power/Deep sleep setting is relevant to us
    • Install scripts project
    • Consider MPU services provided
    • Discuss hadoop support with Tim - CSO ?

  • Gordon
    • Review existing LCFG bugs
    • alternatives component
    • mpath header

  • Stephen
    • Add more milestones to LCFG refactor project (see mins of 29th July).
    • Create a mini devel proj to separate out access.conf functionality from auth component to new accessconf component.
    • Identify which MPU servers need rebooted for SL5.6
    • Review existing LCFG bugs
    • Discuss database project with Tim
    • LCFG refactor project
    • Consider MPU services provided

-- AlastairScobie - 10 Aug 2011

-- ChrisCooke - 11 Aug 2011

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