MPU Design for Forum

Working practices

We don't anticipate any major changes to the unit's working practices.

Data owned by MPU

Data Master copy Replication Backup Disaster Notes
Packages AFS (RW copy where?) RO copies at KB and central area ? Urgent  
Packages (sites branch) AFS (RW copy where?) need RO copies Probably don't need Urgent  
LCFG rfe data LCFG master replicated to all LCFG slave servers rsync mirror service Urgent  
LCFG svn data LCFG master replicated to all LCFG slave servers rsync mirror service + want tape backup Urgent  
LCFG svn code LCFG master ??????? ?????? Low  
DIYDICE data DIYDICE server ? rsync mirror service low  
CVS (code) DICE CVS service See services unit See services unit Low  
LCFG AFS space (/group/lcfg) AFS RO copies Assuming tape backup low  
LCFG wiki Public access server none rsync mirror service low  
bugs.lcfg Public access server ? ? Low  
MPU space (/group/mpu) AFS RO copies Asssuming tape backup low  
MPU wiki DICE Wiki service none see services unit Very High  


  • LCFG master
  • LCFG slaves
  • Packages servers

Server location post colocation

Site Name Role Network Criticality Fibre Power Rack Purchased Notes
KB new-server LCFG slave (all sites) + Packages server (KB) + local non AFS copy of entire packages repository. LCFG slave promotable to LCFG master 2 x 1Gb High          
Forum tobermory LCFG master, promotable to slave in extremis 2 x 1Gb High     1U 01/07  
  brendel Packages master (Forum) 2 x 1Gb High FC   1U 05/09  
  schiff Packages server (Forum)   High       07/09  
Forum telford AFS sites tree 2 x 1Gb High FC   1U 03/08
Forum dresden Public facing server (DIYDICE, {www,wiki,rsync} 2 x 1Gb Medium FC   1U 01/06  
  trondra LCFG slave (all sites) 2 x 100Mb High     1U 07/07  
  tummy replacement PXE install server 2 x 1Gb High         ?? use schiff for this ??
AT new-server Packages server (AT)   High          

  • Around 10 other 1U rack machines used for testing and development and as spares. Low criticality and 100Mb network.


  • DICE wiki important to bring back early because of CO information
  • Machines served by DIYDICE server more vulnerable as DIYDICE shares server is public facing. Perhaps early candidate for virtualisation?
  • No new servers are needed prior to occupation
  • Perhaps we want a full copy of the RPMs somewhere other than on AFS so that AFS service isn't a dependency in case of disaster

-- AlastairScobie - 27 Sep 2007

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