MPU Meeting Tuesday 28th June 2011


Now on stable, doing weekly testing, should be brought forward for closure (subsequent discussion called this into question.

AFS automation project

Chris has been writing a script for gathering statistics about volume usage etc. and is looking at the workings of Prometheus' volume allocation for inspiration.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Nothing more (Stephen has been working for the RaT unit temporarily)

Miscellaneous Development

The 790s have been blacklisted because of inconsistencies in behaviour. Stephen suggests the 'framebuffer fix' may be a workaround. Sleep component goes into stable next week. It was agreed that rather than rely on users to start it up once its installed, that a one-off cron job could be setup to kick things off. Users can then control it themselves.

Stephen has introduced a new version of this component and will rebuild the install CDs configurations to work with that.

Stephen has checked the package lists and there are no new dependencies. Not tested the install CDs yet. There is a new system for installing, viz upstart. Alastair may have to look at it. CDs boot but don't get very far. Kenny (and Stephen) are keen to get SL5.6 out before Kenny goes on holiday. We could hold our servers back. All the packages are already in 'testing'. We could use the older installer if need be. Make it the default on SL5 develop and then desktops.

this is now more flexible, making it possible to label things (partitions? volumes?) Can use GPT or MS-D0S labelling. Alastair could ship before he goes away. We need agreed LCFG partitioning schemes / device naming schemes.

Need to develop and deploy. Make it an action on the activities list.


  • F13 Kernel update : F13 is now officially end-of-lifed. We only expect a couple of updates, and there won't be any security updates. Set a deadline for being rid of F13....Labs will be done over summer. Machines with firewall holes need to be done sooner, eg immediately, set date 1st September. Others by Christmas.


  • Investigate multipath under SL6 this needs fstab support for mounting by UUID. Should we hold SL6 project until fstab is done? 6.1 is due soon...

  • Document the DR server - change this to a 'now' on the activities list.

  • False errors : installbase phase modified resources e.g. run before installed. Install now hangs. wiating on context change. (you can't mutate a late reference, might be able to with an empty one...) Contexts and mutations don't work well together. e.g. mADD, you can't mADD to a late reference. You could stack all the operations on a resource so you can determine you're final result. Often end up with a "mystery combination of mutations".

  • KVM project - proposed.

  • Purchase disks - can we install asap ? Put in 4 new disks (on VM servers northern and piccadilly) but only move VMs onto one of the machines.

  • Apache conf : v2 done. And version 2 is now the default.

  • Use new installer : Move test VMs, should become a current, 'now' activity.

  • Java IP v6 : bonding issue, add to activities list.

  • lcfg-ffox : SL6, cron job and issues with Kenny's triggers etc...ongoing ?

  • Webmark : Stephen did the webmark stuff for the RaT unit.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Bring SL6 project for closure
    • Have a look at new install system wrt SL5.6 (with Stephen)
    • Take to CEG - ASAP (by 1st Sep) upgrade for F13 machines with firewalls with deadline of Xmas for other F13 desktops.
    • Tell Sheila to deliver northern/piccadilly disks to Chris/Stephen when arrive
    • fstab component

  • Chris
    • Try framebuffer trick for 790s
    • Work on AFS automation project
    • Sleep deployment (incl blog article)
    • Finish off install tidying
    • (or Stephen) install extra disks in northern/piccadilly
    • (or Stephen) move MPU VMs from metropolitan to northern
    • Time figures

  • Gordon
    • mpath component

  • Stephen
    • LCFG refactor
    • Document DR server
    • Finish SL5.6 (and blog article if deploy to DICE)
    • Header for desktop ssh holes
    • Upgrade desktop to SL6
    • (or Chris) move MPU VMs from metropolitan to northern
    • Time figures

-- AlastairScobie - 28 Jun 2011

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