Software Build Farm

  • Nothing new. Continuing work has been bugfixing and operational (e.g. Redhat Bug 613392). Project submitted for sign-off.


All actions from the last meeting re: this project were done. Pkglists, option set will go in when they're ready. Sysinfo component. Action - put on our wiki to describe sysinfo changes. DIY-dice SL6 - done, see fantoosh. Discussion re NaturalDocs , needs to become a mini-project. Hardware testing - OK except sleep. Suggest 64 bit SL6 for standared DICE desktop, RaT to investigate. Outstanding components - Alastair to discuss with RaT and Services units so we can get a working Desktop machine for public testing. IPv6 - broke Hadoop.

AFS Automation

Script to promote Read-only AFS volumes on failure of Read-writes, by volume, partition or server is ready for final testing. Needs bigger test network.

Server Refactoring

there was a discussion about how to progress this and accessing Simon's available development time.


755 kernel crash. The crash dump is in Chris's home directory called 'crash'.

Miscellaneous Development

LCFG-ngeneric bug 419 in bugzilla.lfcg. Safe calling. File component directory handling. LCFG-Utils - fix modes. lcfg-file simplified, bugs 380 and 228.

header splitting. dice-hardware-placeholder.h header now available. Discussion of database v inventory. Stub header now new for all self-managed, with IP addresses. In the Appleton tower setup there is no "wires header" for self-managed machines.

Auth component
Stephen has rewritten the Auth component in perl, separating out modules for parsing password files and adding functionality and tests. Testing for when new packages 'munge' the password file. Additional resources mean each field is now accessible as a resource, rather than just whole lines.


headers for 10.4 have been dropped and new ones for 10.6 added.


Iain Rae has offered some machines to be used as 64 bit PkgForge builder machines

defaults header. Hardware defined. There are issues with the way sleep works and Kenny's IS configuration which are incompatible. The feeling was that the component is fine and that e.g. introducing new hardware should be dealt with in resources, not by having to change the component.

Install and boot
the 'false errors' bugs should just be enumerated for now, and dealt with at a later date.

2TB disk
leave as it is

Auth component
ongoing - actively happening now

Self-managed headers

Project Activity
Development meeting project activity page needs updating for active projects.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Split off NaturalDocs work from SL6 into mini devel project
    • Propose Simple KVM service project
    • Start looking at fstab miniproj
    • Discuss MPU taking over mailcap and alias components with RAT and services respectively
    • Discuss IPV6 under SL6 with RAT - can we put it back?
    • Discuss Simon's availability wrt LCFG project
    • Identify work for Stephen

  • Chris
    • AFS automation
    • Investigate and rectify "false errors" during install and boot
    • reinstall desktop

  • Gordon
    • mpath component

-- AlastairScobie - 31 May 2011

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