MPU Meeting Tuesday 19th April 2011

Software Build Farm

Stephen has increased the cache size on the master server. He has modularised the code for the build phases and improved the build info file. There are network issues with running on a virtual server. This project now only requires some documentation tidying up and will go for signoff at the Development meeting.


There is a known bug in multipath, so we will have no fibre channel on SL6 for servers at the moment. Carol is testing different desktop hardware models. Sleep component ported and being tested. Still to do Natural Docs. Alastair to fix IPMI for Vlan.

AFS automation project

Little to report this week

Miscellaneous Development

  • Brendel - the extra memory has had little effect on build times, it's only 6 minutes better. So we need fast cpu and disk plus code improvements if we want to speed things up. We now know what hardware to buy.

  • Comparing component versions on different platforms. Stephen has a CGI generated webpage with a table showing this. He fixed a bug in qxpack.

  • tftp : we should move to using the standard SL6 tftp. Do split as a test.
  • Sleep component : now detects currently running cron jobs
  • Survey ssh : we should scan the syslogs for ssh accesses to find potential sleep targets.


  • Metropolitan : lost network connectivity, but both slave interfaces were marked up. We should plan to reboot metropolitan and move some VMs to KB. Important things should go on Northern. Chris to summarise VM moves.

  • Redhat : posted a security bugfix which broke glibc on SL5 taking out xrdb, gnome panel and other applications. This required to emergency updates to fix once it was found.

  • Kernel : Alastair asked for support for an easy way to revert to the 'previous kernel', with thinking of version names. Stephen

  • Bonded networking : Craig has been seeing kernel panics. This is a known bug and the new kernel fixes it.

  • Mirrors : we need to setup the AFS vos release the same way on the mirror servers as happens elsewhere, using keytab and crontab.


  • Add : sleep on meeting room machines
  • Edit : Multipath under SL6 : bring back in June

Wee Projects

There was a discussion on which wee projects should be tackled this T.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Meet with Stephen to decide further SL6 work
    • Fix IPMI VLAN on circle

  • Chris
    • Identify which metropolitan VMs could move to northern (KB)
    • Try sleep on meeting room machine
    • AFS automation
    • Survey remote logins to staff/pg desktops (so we know how many could be slept)

  • Stephen
    • Meet with Alastair to decide further SL6 work
    • Complete PkgForge documentation
    • Continue dynamic list of package versions
    • Discuss F13 wrt meeting rooms
    • Move satablade

-- AlastairScobie - 26 Apr 2011

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