MPU Meeting Tuesday 19th April 2011

Software Build Farm

There wasn't much work on this project in the last week. It still needs documentation and some bug fixes to the code. It should be possible to finish the remaining work within T1.


There has been lots of progress: for example bonding, network, apacheconf, NFS and amd are all ported. Multipath still needs to be done, then the project will be pretty much finished.

Stephen has completed the medium priority tasks, for example autoreboot.

Stephen has moved the Moose packages into a header, so that we can have a working combination of packages without any conflicts. The header currently works for SL6 and F13, so Package Forge and Build Tools use it. When he extends the header to support SL5 too, it will be possible for Prometheus to use it too.

Carol has been doing a lot of hardware testing. The results of all hardware tests done so far are at SL6ProjectHardwareSupport.

AFS automation project

Chris has been playing with his test cell.

Craig, Chris and Neil talked a lot and nailed down some details of the proposed "convert RO to RW" script's behaviour.

Chris has been working on the script.

Miscellaneous Development

It has been difficult to find a convenient time to take down brendel to fit more memory. However if we start cacheing RPM lists on the squid servers then we might more easily manage to get away with a short brendel outage?

updaterpms patches
Alastair has looked at the updaterpms patches. The first patch suppresses mail when updaterpms is running in test mode; this patch is now installed everywhere. The second patch allows any component/method to be triggered by updaterpms; this patch is being tested on SL6.


This morning trondra had a mystery crash. From yesterday lunchtime its load average was around 30. Shortly before crashing it had risen to 405. The oom-killer started up just after 9am. The logs show lots of symptoms of a machine in difficulties, but no obvious cause. Stephen guesses that it might have been struck by the same prelink problem that hit ratz.

AFS utilities
Gordon has been looking into packaging up some AFS utilities into RPMs, and familiarising himself with RPM's lovable eccentricities.

sauce is now on the stable release.

has now been converted to DHCP.

Personal Development for next quarter

For the next quarter:

Stephen will investigate systemd.

Chris will concentrate on Perl testing and on OpenAFS.

Alastair wants to expand his knowledge of Perl but has yet to work out a focus. He also wants to learn about Drupal.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • SL6 fibre
    • Publicise SL6 to school
    • Install extra memory into brendel
    • Look at wee projects list

  • Chris
    • AFS automation
    • Look at sleep component wrt cron children
    • Look at wee projects

  • Gordon
    • Submit a bug wrt lcfg-reltool docs (release -> micro)
    • Package afs tools
    • multipath component
    • Look at wee projects

  • Stephen
    • Dynamic list of component versions across architectures
    • Move satablade
    • Reinstall pkgforge master (larger AFS cache)
    • Discuss F13 wrt meeting rooms
    • Look at wee projects

-- AlastairScobie, ChrisCooke - 19 Apr 2011

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