MPU Meeting Wednesday 16th March 2011

Software Build Farm

There hasn't been much activity since the last meeting. Stephen has been collecting bugs.

While Stephen was away the incoming queue processor died. Stephen's note on how to restart it is at RestartingPkgForge. This is linked from MPUInternalProcedures.


Alastair and Stephen have multiple SL6 installs up and running. Kenny has one too! The 32 bit desktop packages are done. The 64 bit ones are in progress. Internationalisation has been done. The installroot has been done.

The release test scripts might come in handy for package testing. Find out a little more at ReleaseManagementProcedures#Adding_new_tests.

Next: the 64 bit desktop; core LCFG packages; Natural Docs.

There is an SL6 project blog which provides more details on the recent activity.

AFS automation project

Chris has been working his way through the OpenAFS System Admin Guide. More ideas from Stephen and Alastair: join an openafs mailing list or two; Look for/at Russ Allbery's useful scripts; fill in the devproj plan and start the project.

Miscellaneous Development

Sleep component
  • As of version 0.10.1 the sleep component enables wakeup by mouse click or key press.
  • Chris discovered a bug (LCFG bug 396) in which a machine which woke for some other reason, then stayed awake for an imminent cron job, could fall asleep just after starting the cron job. He fixed it in version 0.11.0 by getting the component to check for cron jobs which started in the last ten minutes (and stay awake if it finds any). Stephen remembered a Perl module which lets you examine child processes and suggested using that to look for children of cron.

LCFG Slave Performance
Stephen rebooted mousa and did a complete clean rebuild. It took 3 hours - way more than fantoosh (1 hour 11 minutes). We're therefore puzzled that for smaller rebuilds fantoosh is slower than mousa. One difference is that fantoosh isn't serving XML profiles to any clients. Stephen will get hold of a PowerEdge 860 similar to mousa - prague should do - and configure it as a test server so we can compare rebuild times fairly with those from fantoosh.


Alastair and Stephen will be away at the UKUUG Spring Conference for much of next week.

Review project list
It's time to review the project list and prioritise it ready for the next development trimester.

Nvidia driver support in F13
Stephen's support works and RT 52016 is resolved.


We realised at the end of the meeting that we had forgotten to tell Gordon about it. Sorry Gordon!

Next Meeting

Because of UKUUG the next MPU meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th March at 10am.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Review project list for T2
    • SL6
    • bring in openafs book for Chris
    • Mirror LCFG ISOs on DR server (should be able to rsync from

  • Chris
    • Review project list for T2
    • AFS automation project
      • produce plan
      • produce list of requirements and have prioritised (1st step of plan)

  • Stephen
    • Review project list for T2
    • PkgForge admin docs
    • SL6
    • time a complete LCFG rebuild on prague and compare against fantoosh (this to compare non-loaded PE860)
    • Continue work on new kernel module resource listing modules to check if loaded, triggering reboot after module build

-- AlastairScobie 16 Mar 2011, ChrisCooke 18 Mar 2011

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