MPU Meeting Tuesday 5th October 2010

LCFG Server Refactoring



This has been submitted for closure at Wednesday's Development Meeting. There were problems with CD installs not working on 745s - now fixed.


login screen
the possibility of using KDM is still being investigated.

64 bit
LCFG package lists, onging. This is 90% done at the LCFG level.

devel buckets
still need to be closed.

Software Build Farm

There has not been much progress recently. Stephen to update activity info for Development meeting accordingly.

Miscellaneous Development

install scripts in packages
some of these expect /proc to be mounted and /dev to be populated which was causing problems. Alastair has a workaround. (?)


ethernet problems : sometimes loses network connectivity, but which interface? We need a wiki topic to track instances of problems like this. This could be related to a known bug in Redhat. Alastair has created a wiki for hardware documentation . There was a discussion about the ethernet bonding issues of Dell 610s/710s and how to make sure the appropriate port pairs are configured to ensure redundancy (eth0/2 - eth1/3).

Machine moves
still need to move machines to AT.

needs reinstalled with proper partitioning.

being moved to KB today (5/10/10)

This Week

Alastair will:

  • fix IPMI on Metropolitan
  • etherbonding fix Metropolitan
  • make nagios monitoring mandatory for etherbonding in header
  • KDM on F13 - possibly consult RAT
  • UKUUG Perl trainer - query doing a course here
  • reinstall sauce with proper partitioning

Chris will:

  • Mostly RAT work on Hadoop
  • access to serial console on F13 ?

Gordon will:

  • LCFG bugs review

Stephen will:

  • F13 64 bit MPU level finish
  • Software build farm
  • F13 devel bucket
  • telford package space moves

-- GordonReid - 11 Oct 2010

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