MPU Meeting Tuesday 28th September 2010

LCFG Server Refactoring


Software Build Farm

Stephen has been working on developing a DB schema for storing the information on build jobs. This has proved to be a little more tricky than he had hoped, mainly due to the desire to allow multiple builders for any platform.


This has been submitted for closure at the next Development Meeting. We still need to get an F13_64 installer built but that should not cause any problems.


Configuring monitors
Stephen spoke to Alison about User Support providing some documentation on how to configure widescreen monitors and dual-head setups on F13. Scott is going write some notes.

login screen
Alastair has looked at login screens for F13, he has asked units for their requirements. It looks like the kiosk mode machines can be configured in the same way as the Forum touch screens. We still need a response from RAT about the exam desktop. Alastair looked at KDM, it has the advantages of using text configuration files, fairly simple xml themes. It should be possible to produce a basic component which configures KDM to do what we need.

We now have a few requests for 64bit so we need to get on with this, Stephen will work on the LCFG package lists this week.

Package list problems
We need to arrange a meeting with RAT to work out how the package lists should/could be combined so that we can have minimal installations as well as full "desktop" configurations.

devel buckets
We need to set a date for the devel bucket to be dropped from the stable and testing profiles. This will mainly affect RAT packages.

Miscellaneous Development

HP disks
The hackparts script was updated to cope with the new HP servers. There is also a new scsiroot header which handles the different disk device naming scheme. Stephen will review this new header, once we're happy with the changes we will replace the current scsiroot header. Ian Durkacz has noticed that the grub component emits a warning about not being able to recognise the boot device (see bug#334).

Gordon is going to be doing some development work for MPU. Firstly he will review the LCFG bugs at [] looking for those which are closed, which are easily fixed and prioritising. At a later stage he will take a look at the "Bugs/enhancements" list on the MPU Activities page and see if there are any components he could write which we have been wanting but not had the chance to work on.


Package list tests
Stephen has started running the weekly package list tests. He immediately found a problem with 64bit platforms as he had forgotten to add the translation stage to move the architecture from the front of the spec to the standard location (e.g. i386/foo-1-2 becomes foo-1-2/i386).

The new HP server, sauce, has been successfully installed using SoL. It does not have the correct partitioning though so it will need to be redone before it goes into service.

The techs have not managed to pin down the problems we say with the memory in piccadilly even after extensive testing. We will move it back to KB and put it into service and then see what happens. If the problems reoccur we will get Dell to come and check it out at KB.

F13 on LCFG website
Stephen created the missing rpmlist files in the sorce package repositories. This allowed the lcfgweb website component to successfully add the F13 packages.

routing problems
George has accepted there are routing problems during some installs, particularly with VMs. He will investigate and get it fixed so we can stop nagging him.

We need to fix up the FC configuration on this machine. Once it is sorted we will use it for hosting VMs that are stored on the new IBM storage array.

Machine moves
We have offered to move some machines over to the AT machine room to make more space in the Forum. We will move circle, satablade, and figgy, they will need to get new IP addresses. If things get tight we could also move the server dresden but the address change will be more awkward as it has 3 interfaces and external users.

Older machines
We will continue to support the HP DC7100 for public access machines. We have acquired some spare SATA disks which can be used in machines which are now out of warranty, such as the Dell Optiplex 745, but still suitable for desktop usage.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Update project status
  • Setup metropolitan for VMs on the new storage array
  • Tidy installroot docs
  • Close installroot project

Chris will:

  • Update project status
  • Return piccadilly to KB

Gordon will:

  • Review LCFG bugs

Stephen will:

  • Update project status
  • Review new scsiroot header
  • F13 64bit
  • Plan F13 devel bucket closure
  • Software build farm project

-- StephenQuinney - 04 Oct 2010

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