MPU Meeting Tuesday 17th August 2010

LCFG Server Refactoring

Stephen has packaged up some test scripts but it looks as if he'll be unable to make much more progress for a while.

There's news on the memory leak front: SL5 and F13 now both have the buggy version of the Perl "safe" module. Our solution for now will be for the LCFG server to start a safe environment for each new profile rather than (as at present) for each new mutation.


After next week we'll be able to generate install CDs for F13 each week.


There's now an extensive known issues list on the F13 Desktop Upgrade page. We'll pick issues off the list steadily in priority order, GDM being the highest priority.

Alastair has counted the reboots in an F13 install and found that there are no more than for SL5. This led to an idea for cutting down reboots further: when a kernel module is generated, a reboot is triggered, but this reboot is only necessary if the kernel module has already been loaded. We could therefore benefit from a new resource which, for each kernel module to be generated, listed kernel modules to search for in the list of those already loaded. Only if one of these was found to be loaded would a reboot then be triggered. This has been added to the mini-projects list.

Miscellaneous Development

Package List testing
Stephen is testing his package list tests by running them overnight and they're already proving useful.

F13 Known Issues list
There's now an extensive known issues list on the F13 Desktop Upgrade page.

Stephen has fixed the Gnome xsession problem as far as it can be fixed. The remaining problem is that users who don't want to use Gnome have to make the Gnome session preferences in their AFS homedirs world readable as Gnome looks for the user's preferences before the user has authenticated.

Ctl-Alt-Backspace on F13
Stephen has enabled ctl-alt-backspace on F13 X sessions:
  • There is an X option "dontzap" which had to be turned off
  • Ctl-Alt-Backspace had to be mapped to a keyboard map command "Terminate".
  • This only helps when a user is logged in. Ctl-Alt-Backspace does not yet work with GDM (the login screen).

Improved Criticality Report
Stephen's weekly criticality email report now tells us about the role of each critical machine (by including the machine's profile.comment )


Its FC wires are now arranged for maximum reliability. Its guest storage blob is now on bpbeast. It's been declared open for business.

has been reinstalled, this time with a full sized root partition.

has a memory problem in one or two of its eighteen DIMMs. Neil's disaster recovery guest servers have been moved to northern until piccadilly regains full health.

MPU server reboots
in progress. The VM servers' reboots are not urgent. Before rebooting a machine it would save us time and potential hassle if we were to do a forced updaterpms.

Source RPM buckets on AFS
It appears that the rpmlist files have not been generated in the source RPM buckets since their move to AFS. freshenrpms is what should be generating the files. Alastair will look into the problem.

F13 on LCFG web site
We've been unable to put it up there because of the missing rpmlist files in the source buckets. However there's a simple short term fix which is to create empty rpmlist files in the buckets. Stephen will make those then add F13 to the site.

RAT and VMware
They don't trust it after their data loss experiences with it. Chris will talk to them further about it.

Thomas Delaet will be comparing configuration mechanisms at this year's LISA and he's mailed us some details on LCFG for us to check. Chris will mail him a couple of additions to his details:
  • although the server only runs on SL5 it configures Macs and Fedora 13 too.
  • We have a new version of the server code under development and the development server runs happily on Fedora 13.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • F13 installroot
  • F13 issues wiki page
  • Buy a card for sauce

Chris will:

  • RAT
  • Report piccadilly to the techs
  • Write some docs on updating tibs and the component

Stephen will:

  • F13 issues, server refactoring project or build farm
  • Get F13 onto the LCFG web

-- ChrisCooke - 19 Aug 2010

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