MPU Meeting Thursday 17th December 2009


Alastair has added an entry in the service catalogue for the new package submission service. Stephen will check it through.

Alastair has spoken to Kenny about the necessary changes to the RPM directory structure, we now need to wait for confirmation that he has the changes in place.

AFS Component

The first DB server, charybdis, has been decommissioned and afsdb1 is now on fenrir, which is successfully using the new openafs component. The other two are waiting on new KDCs being installed at KB and AT.


The component has been renamed to lcfg-tibsconf and this is now on alexandria, it can now stop tibs without any problems.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Nothing has happened, Stephen is planning to focus on this project in January. An idea was proposed that we would aim for a full stable release of the updated code to be deployed in June.

Server Hardware

Not much has happened on this project yet.

Forum Power down

updaterpms will be removed from and it will be configured to not attempt updates upon starting. This will be done in the live/emergency_overrides.h header.

A cron job will be added to the live/wire_forum.h header to shutdown all DICE desktops at 9:15am.


New VMWare servers
Chris has installed metropolitan in the Forum and also piccadilly and northern at KB.

Moving VMs
A question was raised as to the best way to copy/move a VM from one physical host to another. Given that it uses a sparse file can we get away with just using cp or rsync?

Disaster Recovery
We should revisit our MPU disaster recovery plans now that the KB machine room is operational.

Web access to SRPMS
We need to look at this again once the new RPM filesystem structure has been put into place.

refreshpkgs script
Alastair talked to Simon and they agreed that the backup version of the refreshpkgs script should probably live on an AFS file server.

Latest version of VMWare server
We should look into the latest version of VMWare server and decide whether or not we need it on our servers.

SL5.4 update
We need to start work on producing the package lists for SL5.4 and doing the necessary testing.

IS packages
It would be nice to have local mirrors of the IS package repositories, this would give us access to their UoE and world buckets. We might leave this for SL6, we should also be sending our local packages to IS.

Next Meeting

Chris is away until 18th January so we will hold our next meeting on Thursday 21st January at 10am.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Forum power down
  • Look at LCFG installer
  • Look at VMWare server upgrade

Stephen will:

  • Forum power down
  • SL5.4
  • Look at service catalogue for package submission service
  • LCFG Server Refactoring

-- StephenQuinney - 07 Jan 2010

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