MPU Meeting Tuesday 11th August 2009

Power Management Project

Chris has prepared the sleep component configuration for testing in student labs. It will be started this week in AT 5.03 which is a small lab of 8 machines. He will add some user documentation to the support web pages. It appears that the Dell Optiplex 745 will now sleep properly with the i810 driver and some different quirks.


Nothing happened.

AFS Component

Nothing happened.


Chris has been working on improving the code in the tibs component. He has mentioned to Alison that we need to get a tar file for the latest version of the tibs code.

Chris has been blogging about his progress.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Nothing happened.

Project Prioritisation

Chris noted that the project to rewrite the boot component is likely to be important for RHEL6 as it appears it will use upstart, the dependency-based init.

The other project which is likely to be important for RHEL6 is installer redevelopment.

We will put both of these forward to the next prioritisation meeting in September.

In terms of small projects Alastair wants to add monitoring support for hardware raid. Stephen suggested a small project to update the pxelinux installer so that it detects the hardware and loads the necessary drivers rather than using static PCI id lists which must be manually maintained.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen wrote up a report for the Operational Meeting on how well we did with the SL5.3 upgrade and made some recommendations on how to improve the process for next time.


Cosign upgrade for
The configuration for this has been prepared. Stephen has introduced a new header, dice/options/lcfg-webservices.h, which pulls in the LCFG web, wiki and bugzilla configurations.

Cosign upgrade for bugzilla.inf
As part of the work to upgrade to Cosign v3 the generic DICE bugzilla headers had to modified which had the knock-on effect of upgrading bugzilla.inf to Cosign v3. There will be some downtime on Thursday afternoon after the stable release has been made whilst the changes are put in place. Stephen will announce this to lcfg-discuss.

bugzilla versions
We should upgrade bugzilla.inf to bugzilla version 3.

central and bakerloo
These profiles are still using the test kernal and afs macros, they should be removed.

rpm-master changes
Having checked the changes with IS and SEE we now need to produce a timetable of when the changes will occur.

Install CD default
The default drive choice for the CD will change to sr0 after the stable release on 20th August.

multipath failover
Alastair wants to test multipath failover between 2 controllers.

alexandria kernel problems
We are continuing to see problems with the kernel on alexandria. Stephen wonders if it is related to it having 6 FC cards and the qlogic driver we are using.

delgado graphics problems
Stephen had to spend some time working out why gdm would not start on a non-standard Dell 745. It turns out that kudzu gets rather confused between the on-board intel card and the additional ATI card. Eventually he worked out that it needs the r500 driver to be manually specified.

HP DC7900 graphics
The open-source r500 driver does dual-head with xinerama but it doesn't seem to detect the second screen very well and the resolution comes out all wrong. Hopefully this will be fixed in a later version, for now we will probably have to manually specify the monitor configurations.

LCFG Users Day
This has been booked for Friday 20th November. The plan is for a half-day tutorial on the new buildtools and writing components and the other half of the day with talks.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Work on rpmsubmit project.
  • Tidy LCFG/inf level
  • Test multipath failover

Chris will:

  • TIBS component
  • sleep in student labs DONE

Stephen will:

  • LCFG server refactoring
  • Update for cosign v3

-- StephenQuinney - 14 Aug 2009

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