MPU Meeting Tuesday 9th June 2009

Power Management Project

Chris has encountered some problems with the LCFG client hanging at boot time. He blogged about it: the-client-component-hangs and another-client-hang-and-some-sleep-debugging-hints. It was suggested that he try removing lcfg_client from the resource and then next time the machine is rebooted checking to see if some other process has claimed port 732.

Other than that not a lot has happened, it is still being tested in develop and Chris is waiting for SL5.3 to be rolled out in July.


Alastair has been testing the performance of serving the files from AFS. It is considerably slower than the current system. There are problems associated with the way mod_waklog handles each file and there is extra overhead from using apache. It might be that using a more lightweight httpd running with kstart might help.

There is also the question of whether the AFS cache manager is fast enough. Simon is testing some new code which might offer some speed gains but currently it keeps panicking.

One option as an immediate fix might be to have the RPM master serving packages from AFS and continue to use the squid-based proxies so that performance is not degraded.

AFS Component

Not a lot happened this week, Stephen now has 2 DB servers running in his test cluster, he needs to get a fileserver running next.


Craig has written up some notes on what needs to be done to manage TIBS with LCFG. Chris has added comments, Alastair and Stephen had both read through them and agreed with Chris. Stephen suggested comparing the installed TIBS directories with those in the pristine tar balls using diff to find the new and changed files.

LCFG Server Refactoring

We need to get started, the first stage of the work is to develop the test suite.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen altered the way the nag file is stored by the autoreboot component so that Graham could link to it from /etc/motd on his servers.

Stephen changed the subversion component so that the svnserve configuration file name could be altered through a resource.

Blocking user poweroff
The User Support Unit had requested a way to prevent users shutting down the machines in the meeting rooms. Stephen has now worked out a way to do this and a new header, dice/options/block-user-poweroff.h, will be available in the stable release this week. Stephen added a blog entry about what was done.

om improvements
Stephen has finished the work on om to add support for environment initialisation modules. Before adding new features he reviewed the code and brought it up to modern standards, he has written up the process in case it might be useful to other people. The process of getting the changes into service is going to be a little trickier than usual, Stephen has written up some notes on what needs to be done and in what sequence.


Alastair has had significant problems with IPMI on the Dell R710. It all works fine until the eth0 interface is brought up. We will probably continue buying R805s (last year's model) for now.

The R200 uses an old version of IPMI which prevents us using serial-over-lan.

New HP desktops
Alastair has 3 versions of the new HP 7900 desktop machine for testing.

websvn update
Stephen noticed that websvn was a bit out-of-date on so he did an update. This seems to be better at doing diffs between versions of a file or directory, he blogged about the necessary URL.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Talk to Carol about the LCFG level work.
  • Remind Craig about moving hawthorn to KB.
  • Work on rpmsubmit project.
  • Package scli
  • Look at HP desktops
  • rpmsubmit

Carol will:

  • Set up LCFG/inf level VM to monitor LCFG level.

Chris will:

  • Move dresden data to evo array. DONE
  • TIBS component design DONE
  • Look at LCFG client problem DONE

Stephen will:

  • AFS component testing
  • Finish AFS component documentation
  • Start LCFG server project

-- StephenQuinney - 09 Jun 2009

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