MPU Meeting Monday 6th April 2009

Buildtools Project

The build tools project was accepted as completed at the Development Meeting. It will now go to CEG for final clearance.

Power Management Project

This is now in the beta-testing phase, there is a wiki page documenting how the component can be used and on which hardware models it is known to work.

The component is disabled on all non-tested hardware models to ensure bad things don't happen. Chris needs to extend the range of models which have been tested. He also plans to send out another email asking for further testers, Stephen will add the component to his development machines. The component now needs to be left running for a while to see how it performs.

AFS Component

Stephen has created a new LCFG component - lcfg-openafs - which can currently configure all the files for the openafs client and server before they are started. Stephen is now working on adding support for doing configuration updates with the running client and server processes. The basic details are on the NewAfsComponent wiki page.

Miscellaneous Development

The SL5.3 installer CD has been tested for i386 and x86_64 and it works fine on both architectures. The locally patched openssh and nss packages have been updated to the latest version supplied in SL5.3. We need to check with other units as to how the testing is going and whether everyone is ready for this to go into stable.

PXE serial support
The lcfg-pxeserver component has been modified so that it generates PXE configuration files with the correct settings for serial support. This means it is now possible to do installs via the serial console without having to turn on the "redirection after boot" BIOS option for the duration of the install process.

There is a new component (lcfg-remctld) which supports everything we need to use the remctld. It can be included on a machine using the dice/options/remctld.h header. Client machines will need the remctl package installed.


Chris noticed that the LCFG source profile for prague still contains lots of resources related to RT which should be moved into a separate header.
This is now configured via the release-managed header. We need to clear out the live header and switch to using it just for emergency overrides.

SL5 kernel
There is a new SL5 kernel, we need to build our locally patched version and get it tested.

Packaging Guidelines
The PackagingGuidelines have been finished, they now have a pointer to the name/version guidelines. Tim also pointed out his FedoraPackaging wiki page which has cross-over with the MPU guidelines.

A bug was found in the LCFG template parser, it has now been fixed, details are available at LCFG bug#128.

Package repository scripts
The package repository scripts are now configurable. The files are /etc/pkgrepo-scripts/updaterepo.conf on telford and /etc/pkgrepo-scripts/refreshrpms.conf on the RPM master (figgy). If we need to change them at some point it would be easiest to just use the LCFG file component.

hardware component
The new version of the LCFG hardware component has now shipped everywhere.

split has been reinstalled and is back in service as an RPM cache server

There was a problem with the dependencies in the dice-orders-clientreport package which meant that the post-install script sometimes failed to run due to missing software. This is fixed in version 0.100.51-1 by marking the packages as Requires(post) in the specfile.

nvidia driver
There was a minor update to the latest stable nvidia graphics driver, the new version is 180.44

This Week

Chris will:

  • Test/Fix the sleep component
  • Tidy up the profile for prague DONE
  • Finish the header changes DONE

Stephen will:

  • SL5.3 testing
  • New SL5 kernel
  • AFS component
  • Add sleep component to his machines

-- StephenQuinney - 06 Apr 2009

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