MPU Meeting Thursday 4th December 2008

Buildtools Project

Converting MPU components is ongoing. The build farm is waiting on SAN resources. The automatic nagios monitoring was slightly wrong, which upset monitoring of the RPM caches. It was fixed shortly afterwards though. The automatic handling of templates is being added to lcfg-skeleton.

Power Management Project

Chris realises that his plans are too vague. He's trying to pin down and document exactly what needs to be implemented.

LCFG Component Testing Project

No further progress.

Miscellaneous Development

Alastair has been doing some benchmarks on VMware Server and Xen Express. In some circumstances Xen Express is no faster than VMware Server. However it was about twice as fast at running multiple simultaneous kernel builds - so it seems good for CPU intensive work. Its network performance is awful though, compared to VMware Server.

Stephen reminded us that we shouldn't publish benchmarks, for instance on the VirtualisationComparison wiki page, as this would be a breach of the licence conditions. Alastair will look into restricting wiki pages.

Our second lcfg server is now arbirlot, a 755 desktop, and it's turned out to be slightly quicker than mousa.

Alastair has acted on some of Chris's suggestions for the DIY DICE documentation, but others were perhaps a bit too much work for this stage and could be better revisited later if/when DIY DICE becomes more popular.


They've now been ordered.

RT Config
The RT servers now share a common package list, or at least they will a week on Friday.

Inventory & sysinfo
There are still a few sysinfo resources in profiles, Stephen will remove them.

New PXE service
This is working well. There's no reason for the PXE service to run on an Infrastructure Unit machine so Stephen will move it to an MPU machine. He'll configure both RPM cache servers as PXE servers but then we'll just use one and keep the other as a backup. To define which machine is used as a PXE server on each subnet you just need to edit live/dhcpd_server.h.

Fix for Fibre Channel problems
Alastair hasn't been able to do this because of a shortage of SFPs and experimental subjects.

DIY DICE inv resources
Stephen has asked active DIY DICE managers to remove them. He should also talk to Paul though. Also, Chris should remove his fc5 DIY DICE stuff.

Dell 760
Dell appears to be messing us about, we keep encountering ridiculous delays to our purchase of a 760.

IPMI modules
Alastair has come up with a solution but it's not yet implemented. We'll add it to the relevant hw headers (Dell Series 9 mainly).

Webots on HP machines
Using the Intel driver gives us Webots problems; using the i810 driver gives us GDM problems. Perhaps we should now consider buying machines with ATI or Nvidia cards. Stephen said that the latest version of X is OK with the latest Intel driver which benefits from lots of bug fixes. However we don't want to upgrade X. Stephen will try the new driver from 5.3. Chris will ask RAT when (and where) Webots is needed and whether machine swaps will help.

installbase and lcfg package lists
Some things are in the installbase package list which really don't need to be core LCFG components. xinetd is one that can be made optional. It's now in a new options header. Stephen now needs to refactor other headers to include the new header. Also, George added the routing component, but that's entirely configured through dice/options/routing.h, so that can also be eliminated from installbase. The changes need to be coordinated with Kenny. An earlier phase of this cleanup moved the prelink component to the dice level; Kenny helped with that by checking dependencies at his end.

Broken trondra
We'll report it to the techs so that Dell can pronounce on its fate.

Server decant from AT
boreas is dead and can be skipped. bressay is slow and ancient so can be skipped. mousa should be moved to FH (for resilience, as tobermory is in the Forum). If there isn't room for it there, kipper can be skipped from FH to make rack space. Chris will communicate all this to Craig and make it so.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Dual-path fibre-channel support
  • Proper fix for fibre channel problems
  • Virtualisation
  • Roaming DIY DICE docs

Chris will:

  • Power management project
  • LCFG bugzilla
  • webots
  • Organise mousa move

Stephen will:

  • Remove remaining sysinfo resources
  • Move PXE service to RPM cache machine(s)
  • Talk to Paul re DIY DICE inv resources
  • IPMI module fix
  • Make a trondra ticket

-- ChrisCooke - 10 Dec 2008

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