MPU Meeting Tuesday 21st October 2008

Buildtools Project

Nothing happened this week.

Power Management Project

Chris has been focussing on improving his Perl skills.

LCFG Component Testing Project

Prior to completing the project proposal Stephen has been doing some investigations into how the testing can be done. He has come to the conclusion that, in its current form, the LCFG client makes it very difficult to carry out testing in the proposed manner. More thought is required on how to solve the problem.


Chris now has a bugzilla version 3 instance up and running. So far it has only been configured manually, he is now going to update the LCFG bugzilla component to manage the new configuration files.

New Inventory
Stephen has now completed most of the work on switching our LCFG profiles to using the new inventory database. The final step is to remove the various inv component resources from the source profiles but that can only be done once Ken has shown everyone how to use the new inventory management tools. There is still a problem with DIY DICE, Stephen will contact the managers of affected profiles.

SL5 kernel
There is a new SL5 kernel (2.6.18-92.1.13.el5), Stephen has prepared a version for the DICE machines which includes the condor patches and that has now been pushed out to all the develop machines. If there are no problems then the plan is that it will go out to the stable release on Thursday 6th November.

New SL5 installer
Stephen has created a new kernel for the SL5 CD and PXE installers. He still needs to finish the testing, if it is all fine then it will be in the stable release for next week.

GDM theme
Chris has made a new DICE GDM theme based on that created by IS for the MDP machines. He will put it on all the develop machines and ask the COs for comments.

Stephen investigated the update-alternatives command and recommended that we create an LCFG component to manage any manual overrides or additional alternatives we require. This is not urgent so it will be added to the MPU "small projects" list to be done at some point in the future.

LCFG syslog bug
A bug sneaked into the LCFG syslog component when it was converted to using the new LCFG build tools. Stephen fixed the problem and pushed out a new stable release (2008101301a) on Friday with just that change.

Apple keyboard
A request (RT#38897) came in from a user who wants to use an Apple A1243 keyboard with his DICE machine as it has been suggested it would help him with his RSI problems. Stephen will find an Apple keyboard and see if he can get it to work.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Order R805s
  • Look at the new build tools some more
  • Document DIYDICE under VMWare
  • Look at LCFG package list docs

Chris will:

  • Power management project
  • bugzilla
  • Tidying RT configs
  • Look at DIYDICE docs

Stephen will:

  • Finish project proposal
  • Rebuild sl5 kernel and installer kernel
  • MPU RT duty
  • Look at LCFG package list docs
  • Organise and give talk for COs on new build tools

-- StephenQuinney - 22 Oct 2008

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