MPU Meeting Tuesday 14th October 2008

Buildtools Project

Not a lot happened this week. Stephen has submitted some more of the components which he converted to being built with the new build tools.

Power Management Project

Chris is now working on the next stage. To achieve this he is reading up on some more Perl and getting to grips with the various DateTime modules.

LCFG Component Testing Project

To get a feel for various parts of the project and how much effort would be required Stephen has been doing a bit of experimenting. Some of which he has written up on his blog. The plan is to get the proposal completed this week.


We no longer have any machines using fc6_64 so we have stopped testing the platform.

Alastair has now finished improving and documenting DIY DICE for both users and CSOs. All the documentation is now in one place on the DIY DICE wiki rather than spread around various sites. Currently only the Forum self-managed wire is supported. Chris is going to take a look through the notes.

LCFG package lists
Chris is documentating the LCFG package lists and where packages should be submitted.

scim and xinputrc
A user had complained about scim and suggested that we turn off the feature for everyone by default. Given how often people complain about scim this is probably a good idea. Iain had pointed out to Stephen that scim is controlled by settings in /etc/X11/xinit/xinputrc. That file is not owned by any package but it is managed through the alternatives system. Stephen will investigate how we could switch this to point to none.conf instead of scim.conf.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Order R805s
  • Look at the new build tools some more
  • Document DIYDICE under VMWare

Chris will:

  • Power management project
  • MPU RT duty
  • Document LCFG package lists
  • Look at DIYDICE docs

Stephen will:

  • Finish project proposal
  • Rebuild sl5 kernel and installer kernel
  • Investigate alternatives system

-- StephenQuinney - 14 Oct 2008

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