MPU Meeting Tuesday 30th September 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has submitted some of the components which he converted to being built with the new build tools. He will do some more this week, progress can be tracked on the BuildtoolsConversion page. A green tick DONE indicates submission of the latest version.

Power Management Project

Chris now has a sleep component which can put a machine to sleep, it also sets a time at which the machine should wake-up. There are now resources for listing the cron files which are to be examined by the component. All the files are combined together and will then be processed using the perl DateTime module to find when the next cron job is going to occur. The aim is to first get the component to set the wake-up time as being just before the next cron job is due. After that more "common-sense" will be added with resources for tunable parameters to control how the component decides if it is a good time to sleep.

LCFG Component Testing Project

Due to Stephen being on holiday, and also not realising that the development meeting was this week, the project proposal has not been completed in time for submission. Stephen has consulted Simon and Kenny and needs to incorporate their comments. Once that is done the proposal will be sent to MPU for wider consideration.


Configuring Monitors
There is now documentation on the DICE wiki for how to create an LCFG header to configure a new monitor. See MonitorConfiguration for details, it is also linked under the "technical stuff" section on the ManagedPlatformUnit wiki page.

bugzilla entry for updaterpms
A bugzilla entry has been added for updaterpms regarding the handling of reboot requests from packages.

New inventory
A lot of modifications to the LCFG header files (particular the hardware headers) have been done to move over to only using the sysinfo component and for that information to be managed by the new DICE inventory database. There are still quite a few bits to do, hopefully it will be mostly done this week which will mean we can start using the new database as the master soon.

Broken profiles
There are quite a few broken profiles again, mainly this is due to missing DNS entries, however they are masking a few real problems so it would be good to get them cleared out. Carol has been asked to take a look.

New core dependency
The latest version of lcfg-authorize has an additional dependency on perl-UNIVERSAL-require, this was only in the devel package lists which broke the building of the CD images. It has now been moved to the core and installroot package lists.

RandR problem
A user has reported a problem with RandR on SL5 which means it is not possible to rotate the display. It appears to be caused by a bug in RandR version 1.2. We have not yet found a solution for intel cards.

lcfg-ngeneric bug
A bug was found in LCFG::Component which is the basis of all perl-based LCFG components. This meant that setting the ng_debug resource had no effect. It has now been fixed and the new packages submitted into the develop release.

Kenny made a request that qxpack should exit with a non-zero code when a match is not found for a package name.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Look at MPU project list
  • Update the DIY DICE docs
  • Order R805s
  • Update to the latest lcfg-network package

Chris will:

  • Look at MPU project list
  • Power management project
  • bugzilla upgrade
  • RT support

Stephen will:

  • Look at MPU project list
  • Finish project proposal
  • Inventory and sysinfo work
  • Look at the RandR problem
  • Submit more rebuilt packages
  • Alter qxpack for Kenny
  • MPU RT Duty

-- StephenQuinney - 30 Sep 2008

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