MPU Meeting Tuesday 16th September 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has now completed the documentation of the LCFG build tools code. He has also done quite a bit of work on making the code more platform-independent. The 4 Perl modules are now available on CPAN which should make it easier to install onto machines which do not use RPMs. He still needs to do more work on the user-level documentation. Particularly how to get and install the build tools needs explaining. There also needs to be some information on how to create new components. Kenny has been looking at the MacOSX support and getting CMake to generate packages from components using the new build tools.

Power Management Project

There has not been a lot of progress. Chris now mostly knows what needs doing though.

LCFG Component Testing Project

Stephen is going to submit a new project at the next Development Meeting to develop a new testing framework for LCFG components. This will provide a user-interface for creating new tests. The plan is for the output it to be done with the Test Anything Protocol so the results can be parsed with existing tools.


DIY DICE support
Alastair has done more work on improving our support for DIY DICE, especially in the case of virtual machines. There is now less of requirement to hack the individual LCFG source profiles. The documentation still needs to be finished.

Odd profiles
Stephen noted that there are quite a few machines using the dice/options/out-of-service.h header which no longer have a DNS entry. They probably should be using one of the "stub" OS headers instead, e.g. unallocated.h or junk.h. Chris will ask Carol to investigate.

saveprof data
Chris talked to Paul about the saveprof data and it was agreed that we would keep everything for one year. The original project using the data has now finished but it is still of interest. There is a cron job which deletes data older than one year.

There are no longer any DICE machines using FC3. Stephen has removed most of the FC3-specific sections of the headers and package lists. He will continute to go through and clear out anything which is now unnecessary.

RT 37502
Alastair reckons DICE should work on the HP Pavilion machine. He will get in touch with user support to see if anything has been done yet.

Alastair checked with Roger and he is happy for MPU to take ownership of the remctl component.

VMWare Server
Chris didn't have much luck with getting VMWare Server to work. It looks like ESX might be a better choice anyway.

Alastair has installed ESX on the Dell R805, baker, and setup two virtual machines named district and circle. He noted that it appears the VMotion support for moving around VMs might need Windows 2003 and MS SQL server. There is a Perl API and command-line tools for some operations.

Alastair hasn't ordered these yet, he will do this week.

This has been moved to the Forum server room

This has been moved to SL5 and is now authenticated with Cosign. Chris is working on the upgrade to the latest version.

installbase and installroot
Stephen thinks the problems with the SL5.2 package lists has been fixed, Alastair will check.

Dell Optiplex 755
The latest SL5.2 kernel supports the AHCI disk access mode. All the new machines have 4GB of RAM so they are using the kernel in PAE mode. With the increase in RAM size we should think about increasing the default swap size.

Operational work for CSOs
We should all think about what operational work we could pass on to the CSOs.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Follow-up RT 37502
  • Update the DIY DICE docs
  • Look at the new build tools
  • Order R805s
  • Consider operational work for CSOs

Chris will:

  • Appraisal
  • Power management project
  • bugzilla upgrade
  • RT support
  • Consider operational work for CSOs

Stephen will:

  • Work on build tools user notes
  • Consider operational work for CSOs

-- StephenQuinney - 16 Sep 2008

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