MPU Meeting Monday 18th August 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen's been making up a wiki page listing the conversion status of various components. He'll mail the URL round when it's done.

Power management project

Chris has been exploring the Perl Cookbook and has cooked up a perl script which finds all the cron files on a system. He's also created some milestones for the project with a suggested timetable, now on the project's devproj page.


Installbase and installroot
These were slightly broken by the SL5.2 update. In retrospect we think we should check these whenever we put in a significant update.

Server moves
Stephen and Neil have moved some of the MPU servers already. Of the remaining ones, Stephen proposes moving tobermory this week on Thursday, ahead of the next big batch of server moves, so that the LCFG files will be available for editing. bottle and dresden will have to move at the same time as the SAN they use. split will move with the main body of servers in a Pickfords move. That leaves the 6 build hosts and the ancient Sun cherub.

VMware ESXi
Chris has been experimenting and it seems that it refuses to install except on a limited range of approved hardware: (Dell PowerEdge) 1950 III, 2900 III, 2950 III, M600, M605, R805, R900 and R905. As it happens we have a new R805 ready to be racked up, so Alastair will try ESXi on that. We decided to combine this with the server moves: Alastair's mission (should he choose to accept it) is to replace all six of the current desktop PC build hosts with virtual machines by the end of the month. The R805 should be powerful enough for the job.

VMware Server
Meanwhile, Chris will try VMware server on a more humble machine and get some develop release MPU machines up and running for testing purposes.

Alastair will order another two R805 servers.

Updaterpms "missing reboot flag" issue
Alastair has looked at this problem. It's not practical to fix this because rpmlib doesn't give enough info - and also rpmlib seems confused on the matter: it and rpm seem to disagree about whether the event that causes this is a warning or an error.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Get VMware ESXi running and virtualise the build hosts
  • Find out about the status of remctl
  • Deal with RT 37502
  • Update and tidy the DIY DICE docs
  • Look at Stephen's buildtools docs
  • Order two Dell R805s
  • Find Chris and Stephen's appraisal forms.

Chris will:

  • VMware Server for "develop" test servers
  • Sleep project
  • Review appraisal forms

Stephen will:

  • Work on build tools
  • Organise a technical talk on the new build tools
  • Review appraisal forms
  • Move tobermory

-- ChrisCooke - 19 Aug 2008

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