MPU Meeting Tuesday 12th August 2008

Buildtools Project

Not a lot happened on the buildtools project this week. Some more work was done on the documentation and a tool was added for checking the substitution macros being used in project source code. The basic framework was added for MacOSX support but it currently does not have complete functionality.

Power management project

Chris has been learning various Perl stuff for the project related to file and directory handling. The project plan still requires milestones, Chris will add them this week.


Alastair checked about the room booking access restrictions. They are currently limited because Balfour Beatty still need to have access at times for various alterations. Eventually it will be opened up to all admin staff and (probably) everyone else.

SL5.2 update
This is now in the develop release and will be part of the stable release on Thursday 21st August. If it is necessary to hold a machine back at the SL5.1 release all that is required is the definition of the DICE_STICK_WITH_SL51 macro at the top of the LCFG source profile. A problem with the gnome-screensaver package overwriting the PAM configuration file has been corrected. Stephen suggested that for the next supported platform (e.g. SL6) we might want to consider rebasing the package lists for each point release. This would mean the updates lists are much shorter and it would be a lot easier to keep particular machines at particular point releases. This requires some careful consideration though as it might cause more problems than it solves. The idea should be raised at the next LCFG Deployers meeting.

SL5 kernel
There is a new SL5 kernel, version 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5, Stephen has applied the condor patches and added the SX module. If all goes well this will be part of the stable release on Thursday 21st August along with SL5.2 to minimise the number of reboots required.

Test/spare servers
There was some discussion regarding the primary purpose for the various MPU test/spare servers. Stephen had thought they would all follow the develop release so that we would get early warning of missing packages on the server platform. The profiles were all set to stable though in case the machines were urgently needed as hot spares. It was agreed that the best way to do this sort of testing was to use virtual machines. It was decided that Chris would look into VMWare ESX.

T5400 & R805
Stephen has added headers for the Dell Workstation T5400 and the Dell Poweredge R805.

autoreboot problems
Stephen discovered further problems with the autoreboot component when the leeway is set to 0 days. This affects student lab machines. This meant that although the component scheduled the reboot it was never carried out. He believes that this is now completely fixed, the update will be in the stable release on Thursday 21st August.

LCFG devel tools now optional
The LCFG development tools were previously installed on all machines but are now optional. They are listed in the lcfg_fc6_devel.rpms and lcfg_sl5_devel.rpms package lists. The lcfg/options/buildtools.h header is available to get them included on a machine. They are still installed as standard on DICE machines.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Look at updaterpms issues
  • Find out about the status of remctl
  • Deal with RT 37502
  • Update and tidy the DIY DICE docs
  • Look at Stephen's buildtools docs

Chris will:

  • Look at VMWare ESX(i)?
  • Sleep project - add milestones
  • Review appraisal forms

Stephen will:

  • List components to convert to new build tools
  • Organise a technical talk on the new build tools
  • Handle the SL5.2 upgrade
  • Review appraisal forms

-- StephenQuinney - 13 Aug 2008

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