MPU Meeting Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has been doing lots of work on the new build tools. He now has the tools mostly completed and has moved onto converting the LCFG components and packages owned by MPU. So far the following components have been switched: authorize, client, file, inventory, logserver, ngeneric, om, sysinfo, pkgtools, pkgtools-perl and auth. This leaves only utils and server in the core packages category, Stephen recommended that lcfg-utils be split into two packages one for all the C code and another for the Perl modules. That way the software building and packaging can be massively simplified with CMake being used for the C code and the Perl MakeMaker system for the Perl modules.

It was agreed that Stephen would document the use of build tools and how to convert components and that Chris would then have a go at converting some of the remaining MPU components.

As part of the build tools work Stephen has created a couple of new lcfg-level package lists - lcfg_fc6_devel.rpms and lcfg_sl5_devel.rpms. There is also a new package category,  devel , used on the LCFG website. These lists include the new build tools and all the required dependencies, they also include lcfg-buildtools, lcfg-example, lcfg-perlex and lcfg-skeleton which were previously in the  core  list. Currently these development package lists are included in the same places as the main lcfg package list, lcfg/defaults/profile.h, but the intention is that they will become optional. The DICE platform would continue to have them included but this would allow downstream users more choice over which packages they have installed. There is no plan to provide a development package list for the fc5 platform as we don't expect to be supporting fc5 for much longer. Also, by design, the new build tools is intended to generate SRPMs from which RPMs can be built on any platform.

Power management project

Chris is still working through some of the big questions regarding the architecture of a power management system which works with LCFG, cron and all that. How should a sleep component actually work? And how do processes which need to be run at regular intervals such as cron jobs fit in with the power-saving requirements? Should it wake up each night and run the boot component? Should components be able to instruct the sleep component that it must not sleep at a particular point in time? It was agreed that we would have a brainstorming session next Monday in place of the usual MPU meeting. Chris will put together his thoughts on the project by Friday so that Chris and Stephen have time to read them and think about the issues before the meeting.


SL5.2 packages
The SL5.2 update is now mostly ready to go. A couple of packages cause problems - openmpi and lam. Kenny has documented the errors and the suggested (manual) fixes on a wiki page. This has revealed a possible problem with the behaviour of updaterpms (or the component) in that it did not flag a reboot, even though the kernel, complete with :r flag had been installed. Stephen and Alastair will investigate.

FC3 machines
Since the move to the new building the remaining FC3 machines have been experiencing difficulties. If any of them is rebooted they require manual intervention from a CO to get network access. The likely cause of this is the use of an ancient version of the network component that assumes the network is a /24. We need to test whether the latest version of the network component will work on fc3 and, if so, get it installed on the machines. In the longer term we need to seriously consider using virtualisation for the aspects of the machine which need to remain fc3 for the project. Alastair will talk to the group leader to see what can be done.

VMWare workstation
Stephen had some problems trying to install LCFG fc3 using VMWare workstation. Chris will look into VMWare and try to put together some documentation on how it can be used.

Kerberos issue
It appears that the continuing use of kerberos 1.5 on SL5 rather than 1.6 is causing a minor error when the gtk2 package is installed or upgraded. Stephen will check with Toby as to what the status is of the work to do the switch.

Component tests on MacOSX
The work on the new build tools means that the current testing framework no longer works. Rather than attempting to fix the current system for MacOSX we will wait until the first stage of the server rewrite project which will look into developing a new, improved testing framework.

Next Meeting
The next MPU meeting will be on Monday 4th August at 2pm.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Look at updaterpms issue
  • Power management brainstorming session
  • Talk to Craig about bugzilla
  • Find out about the status of remctl

Chris will:

  • Get together info and ideas for the brainstorming session
  • Look at DICE on VMWare
  • Talk to Paul about saveprof data
  • Finish the testing release

Stephen will:

  • Write up buildtools user notes
  • Power management brainstorming session
  • Sort out fc3 machines
  • Check with Toby about kerberos on SL5
  • Work on buildtools project

-- StephenQuinney - 24 Jul 2008

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