MPU Meeting Monday 28h April 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen is working on the generation of CMake configuration files for building LCFG packages. Currently he is focussing on making it work for simple components.

Power management project

The report from the power management research project was discussed with the aim of drawing up some proposals for an implementation project. The following was noted:

  • Machines need to notice when they are idle and sleep appropriately.

  • If the machine is in a condor pool it must wake up occasionally and look for jobs.

  • Each machine must wake up at some point overnight and run any system configuration processes as required (e.g. updaterpms)

  • If a machine is sleeping then pressing the power-button should make it wake-up.

  • It will be necessary to test a range of available hardware to see where this will actually work.

  • At a later stage in the project some users will be needed to act as guinea pigs who are willing to test this out on their desktop machines.

  • Users must be allowed to select 'sleep' from a menu for their own machine.

  • A high-level project plan should be drawn up. This should identify what software needs to be configured, etc., to make it all work.

  • Will there be a specific daemon or just regular calls from cron to check whether sleep is required?

  • The knowledge about condor should not be built into the base system. Instead there should be a generic way in which any software can add hooks. This will allow a wider audience for the project.

  • The basic design should be drawn up before taking the project to the Development Meeting.

  • In the light of the work in the new building this could be submitted for consideration outside of a normal Development Meeting (there might not be another one for a while after May).

LCFG Server Refactoring

This project is not planned to start for a while yet but there was a meeting on Friday 25th April to discuss the plans. Alastair, Paul, Simon and Stephen discussed how the project would be carried out, notes are available.


auto-built packages
Chris reported that we are now down to 4 auto-built packages.

Mac headers
Toby will alter the profiles LCFG-managed Mac machines to use headers instead of having all the resources specified locally.

RT tickets
Chris has cleared out all his outstanding RT tickets.

LCFG package deps
Stephen has checked and, as far as he can see, he has copied over all the package dependencies that are in the world bucket and should be in the lcfg bucket.

Next Meeting
The next MPU meeting will be on Tuesday 6th May at 2pm, if the new building doesn't get in the way

This Week

Alastair will:

  • DIY DICE documentation
  • Fix DIY DICE install issues
  • Look at kairos

Chris will:

  • Power management proposal
  • Talk to Carol about checking broken profiles
  • Chase auto-built packages
  • Look at xinetd component

Stephen will:

  • RT Duty
  • Work on buildtools project
  • Look at RHEL5.2 kernel
  • Look at kairos

-- StephenQuinney - 02 May 2008

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