MPU Meeting Monday 14th April 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has installed the new build server telford and has started work on configuring mock. He is currently working on a component to handle the management of the mock chroots and their associated configuration files. Once that is done he will move onto getting koji into service.

Power management project

Now the project report has been completed MPU need to discuss the findings and plan what happens next, we will do this at the next meeting. The project will be closed at the May Development meeting and a plan will be put forward to start a new project which implements the recommendations.

Project Prioritisation

The list of MPU projects was reviewed and some decisions were made as to what we plan to do in the next quarter. All of this is dependent on the work required to get the Forum ready.

Large Projects

During the next quarter we will complete the buildtools project. We will begin work on a project to implement the recommendations of the power management project. We also expect to begin work on the LCFG server refactoring project.

Small Projects

Some notes:

network component
The 'auto' support for any network class has already been added by Alastair.

Packaging guidelines
We will merge the two small projects "Create packaging guidelines" and "Look at our packaging practices and maybe raise the issue at the Operational meeting" into a single short project to write some new packaging guidelines for COs.

LCFG "beginners guide"
A short project for the future is to improve the documentation on the LCFG website for beginners. A "getting started" page should be created based around using the vmware image and the slides from the LCFG workshop we did last summer.

The following short projects were agreed for each person:


  • Proper fix for the Fibre-Channel problems
  • Review hardware/server interaction


  • Documentation for COs on using VMWare and look into using VMs for testing
  • Review hardware/server interaction


  • Packaging guidelines
  • Rework the PXE configuration system to use spanning maps.


kipper upgrade
Thanks to Ewan and Alison kipper has now been reinstalled as SL5.

PXE for SoL
Stephen has tested PXE for machines using a Serial-Over-Lan console using our new Dell PE 1950, telford and it all works fine. To do a PXE install over a console it is necessary to first turn on "redirection after boot" in the BIOS. This should be turned off again after the install as it can cause random corruption on the console during normal usage. A better, longer term, fix would be to use the serial support in pxelinux which would entirely avoid the need for the BIOS redirection.

MacOSX headers
The main aim of this work is to ensure that we can now express each LCFG source profile for the MacOSX machines as a set of #include directives instead of a large set of resource settings. We also want to fold in all the changes from Kenny. Chris will check with Toby that this is now the case.

Stephen spent a lot of time looking into problems with installing SL5 onto kairos which is a DNUK r320 machine. It can only be booted with a RHEL5 or knoppix CD or an ancient LCFG FC5 install CD. None of the recent LCFG install CDs work. It is not yet clear exactly what is causing this but it appears to be related to the drives using "Intel Combined Mode" and our install CD not having the necessary drivers. Alastair will take a look and see if he can shed some light on the problem. Stephen has collected various output from lspci, lsmod and dmesg for knoppix and RHEL5.

Alastair is still working on improving the support for DIY DICE on laptops. He has discovered that there is a need to change the /etc/rc_install script, which is part of the lcfg-installroot package. This is to handle the situation where a machine does not have a static IP address so cannot easily work out the name of the LCFG profile to pull down.

LCFG packages in world
Chris has spotted that a number of LCFG packages have been put into the world bucket when they should have gone into the lcfg bucket. Chris will move them, along with the associated header files, into the correct place. (It looks like just lcfg-ipfilter, lcfg-powernowd and lcfg-routing are in the wrong place)

Next Meeting
The next MPU meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd April at 10am.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • DIY DICE documentation
  • Fix DIY DICE install issues
  • Look at kairos

Chris will:

  • Order copies of VMWare Fusion and Workstation
  • Talk to Carol about checking broken profiles
  • Chase auto-built packages
  • Talk to Toby about Mac headers
  • Appraisal forms
  • Move LCFG packages from world
  • Look at xinetd component

Stephen will:

  • RT Duty
  • Work on buildtools project
  • Sort out LCFG deps which are in world

-- StephenQuinney - 15 Apr 2008

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