MPU Meeting Thursday 3rd April 2008

Buildtools Project

Not a lot happened this week.

Power management project

Chris finished writing up the project and presented it at the development meeting. Here's the project report.

Chris will now add the customary post-project reflections to his report and go through the project closure process.

We'll now all read the report so we can talk at a future meeting about how best to pursue power management savings.

UKUUG Spring Conference

  • The talks went well.

  • Stephen and Paul ran a successful System Configuration BoF.

LCFG Deployers' Meeting

  • Stephen will put a copy of the DICE autoreboot settings on the LCFG wiki as an example of real world use.

  • Stephen will sort out VMware dependency problems.

  • Stephen will sort out Kerberos package problems.

  • Stephen will talk to George about the Kerberos issue.

  • Stephen will take packages from the world to the lcfg bucket.

  • lcfg bucket packages must not depend on world bucket packages, only those in lcfg or extras or dist. Any lcfg dependencies which are not our own LCFG packages or SL5 or EPEL packages must be submitted to the lcfg bucket even if they are already in the world bucket.


Alastair has been tweaking DIY DICE to help support vmware virtual DICE machines hosted on roaming machines such as laptops. He'll finish the DIY DICE documentation once he's finished this DIY DICE work.

Override list
tobermory's override package list is now no longer referenced from the develop version of the lcfg-master.h header; on 10 April this should make it into the stable release and after this it'll be safe to delete the live override package list.

is now back on tobermory.

should now work with Serial Over LAN but it hasn't yet been tested.

is fine on DIY DICE.

COs and the operational meeting have both been asked about our ADC membership and nobody has spoken up to keep it; we'll drop it. We can always take out another one later if necessary.

Chris and Stephen need to fill in their forms.

auto-built packages
Chris has got most of these cleared up; there are about a dozen remaining, all defaults packages, most belonging to the services unit. Once they've finished their server upgrades Chris will follow up on this. Once we're down to a few we can copy them over as defaults files don't need the same level of checking and testing for an OS upgrade as the actual components do. One or two components are way past their sell-by date. When dropping support for a component it's best to check with Kenny MacDonald and Michael Gordon, but it shouldn't be necessary to consult more widely than that as nobody else runs their own LCFG server. lcfg-pcmcia is deprecated and should be removed. lcfg-ffox is deprecated and should be removed from dice level headers and package lists.

Spanning map conundrum
Paul, Simon and Stephen have had a long discussion about the spanning map update problem. See Simon's blog entries Thoughts from the train: LCFG Timestamps and Thoughts from the train 2: References and Mutations.

Next MPU meeting
Unless any other meetings come up for Alastair the next MPU meeting will be on Monday 14th April starting at 2pm.

Next Week

Alastair will:

  • Prioritise entries in the project list for the 14th.
  • Update & tidy the DIY DICE documentation
  • Check if the new bugzilla exists yet
  • Organise an LCFG server refactoring meeting

Chris will:

  • Prioritise entries in the project list for the 14th.
  • Wind up the power management project
  • Pursue replacements for the SL5 auto-built packages
  • Ask Toby about Mac headers
  • Fill in appraisal forms
  • Start converting the xinetd component to perl.

Stephen will:

  • Prioritise entries in the project list for the 14th.
  • Work on the buildtools project
  • Fill in appraisal forms
  • Test PXE for SoL
  • Sort out the SL5 kerberos package problem
  • Sort out vmware dependencies
  • Put DICE autoreboot settings on the LCFG wiki as an example of real world use

-- ChrisCooke - 04 Apr 2008

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