MPU Meeting Tuesday 18th March 2008

Buildtools Project

Not a lot happened this week.

Power management project

Not a lot happened this week.


pezenas SAN space
Alastair has returned the old SAN space to Craig

dresden SL5 upgrade
This has been completed

tobermory SL5 upgrade
This has been completed and Chris has put together some notes on what happened. Chris will modify the SL5 upgrade bug list in all the various locations (bugzilla, MPU server upgrade wiki page and the main SL5 upgrade wiki page). We can remove the temporary override package list after the stable release on 27th March.

Alastair is now using this and improving various things to make it easier for other users to have DICE in a virtual machine. He has been trying bridging to different VLANs, it appears that there is a limitation which means that all the VMs have to use the same VLAN. It's not clear if this is caused by the LCFG component or vmplayer.

This is a spare machine and is installed with FC6, we should upgrade it to SL5.

This is turned off in the FH machine room and is awaiting reinstall with SL5. It's a Dell PE650 so it will need someone to go down there and boot it with an install CD.

New buckets
We need to block submission to the old buckets. We also need to check that the DIY DICE machines have the correct updaterpms.rpmpath for the new inf, uoe and world buckets.

It's that time again so Alastair needs to schedule the appraisals.

ADC membership
Alastair still needs to ask COs about whether we should keep the ADC membership.

auto-built packages
We need to make a list of the remaining auto-built packages still in use on SL5 and then get the package owners to submit checked versions.

PXE install problems
Ken had problems with installing loretta. Alastair then had similar problems with a different machine. It is related to the installroot being NFS exported from the Sun machine roc. The filesystem was configured to allow mounting without root squashing only within For some reason not all host addresses were resolving correctly on that machine. To fix the problem we have switched to root=129.215

UKUUG presentation
Stephen will be giving a presentation at the UKUUG Spring Conference in Birmingham. His slides are available at

LCFG Deployers meeting
The next Deployers meeting is on Thursday 20th March

Next MPU meeting
Unless any other meetings come up for Alastair the next MPU meeting will be on Thursday 3rd April starting at 2pm.

This Fortnight

Alastair will:

  • Move ordershost back to _tobermory_
  • Ask COs about Apple Developer Connection
  • Schedule appraisals
  • Check the rpmpath for DIYDICE
  • DIY DICE documentation

Chris will:

  • Write up power management project
  • Chase down the last of the auto-built packages for SL5

Stephen will:

  • buildtools project
  • Attend UKUUG Spring Conf

-- StephenQuinney - 20 Mar 2008

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