MPU Meeting Tuesday 11th March 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen wrote and delivered a talk on the project to the development meeting; the experience was useful and has given him some clearer ideas. He's also been looking into automatically producing platform-independent source tarballs.

Power management project

The upgrade of tobermory has been taking precedence so no more writing up has been accomplished since the last meeting.


Buildfarm server
Alastair will order a quad core 1950.

Subversion component
Bill has approved Stephen's changes to the subversion component so Stephen will officially release the new version, mail interested parties, etc.

Ex-pezenas SAN space
Alastair will identify what SAN space can now be released in the wake of the pezenas upgrade.

Apple Developer Connection membership
We took this out to get early access to Mac OS Leopard. Do we still need it? Alastair will email interested parties.

SL5 autobuild
Stephen is going to start looking at eliminating the SL5 autobuild directories. Lots of the SL5 defaults files are from autobuild.

Mutate macro efficiency
Stephen has started investigating the efficiency of the LCFG mutate macros and thinking about how it might be improved. Great things may be possible! However it's early days yet so don't get your hopes up.

LCFG master upgrade
Chris has realised that the tobermory upgrade will provoke complete rebuilds on the slave servers, with all the problems that brings. He'll make those rebuilds happen serially after the upgrade. Everyone will think of ways in which the rebuilds could be monitored to find out why they're so slow (CPU bound? memory?) and generally how to monitor the performance of the slave servers.

LCFG export upgrade
This is going well. is on the upgraded machine; the external rsync services will be too as soon as the DNS changes have propagated; DIY DICE will be moved the day after this meeting.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • be on RT duty
  • Order a 64bit machine for the build server
  • finish DIY DICE documentation
  • identify pezenas SAN space to recycle
  • schedule appraisals

Chris will:

  • Prepare for the tobermory upgrade
  • Write up the power management project

Stephen will:

  • Finish the dresden upgrade
  • Write his UKUUG talk

-- ChrisCooke - 11 Mar 2008

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