MPU Meeting Tuesday 4th March 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has been working on completing the release tools part of the project. He is also writing a talk for Development Meeting on Wed 5th March.

Power management project

Chris is writing up his report on this project, he expects it to be done for the Development Meeting at the beginning of April.


dresden upgrade
Stephen has done most of the work needed to get the and DIY DICE service back onto dresden now it is running SL5. He will do the switch next week, hopefully the downtime can be minimised.

Fibre Channel problems
A temporary solution has been put in place by Alastair. We need to look at a proper solution at some point.

System Design lab
These now have an updated kernel, Alastair needs to check that they have been rebooted.

PXE service on SL5
Stephen has done the necessary work so that the PXE install servers can be hosted on SL5 machines. This means that we are no longer blocking the Infrastructure Unit from upgrading their network infrastructure machines. As part of this process the ability to install under FC3 has been dropped, it is still possible to install using a CD. Stephen also resurrected the old pxegrub service although it is not clear that it is still being used. It now only supports FC5 clients anyway so will be going away in the mid-term.

PXE kernel for SL5
Stephen has created new PXE install kernels and installroots for SL5 based on the 2.6.18-53.1.13.el5 kernel. This means we can now do PXE installs for the Dell Optiplex 755.

PXE for Serial-Over-Lan
We need to support PXE booting the machines which are using Serial-Over-Lan consoles. They use ttyS1 instead of ttyS0 which means the normal sl5serial option does not work.

PXE information via spanning maps
At some point we need to rewrite the PXE component completely so that we can have individual configuration files on the server for each client which are tailored to the specific requirements of the host.

grub config error
There appears to be a small bug in the configuration file generated by the grub component. An equals sign gets appended to the terminal option.

localhome bug
Alastair fixed a bug in the localhome component.

network component
Alastair modified the network component so that it now uses native OS autodetection of broadcast address. A setting of auto does not cause it to assume the network is Class C.

defetc for SL5
Kenny reported a few missing entries from the passwd and group files shipped as part of lcfg-defetc-sl5, Stephen applied his patches with a couple of modifications.

OSX headers
Kenny has provided lcfg/hidden/osx4vars.h, lcfg/hidden/osx5vars.h, lcfg/os/osx4.h and lcfg/os/osx5.h header files. Chris added them to the testing release so they got exported as soon as possible.

Solaris patching
Chris has completed his latest round of Solaris patch testing. They have now all been handed over to the Services Unit for application.

mutate.h bugs
Stephen found some bugs in the Perl code generated via the CPP macros in the mutate.h header. They are not a severe problem, he is testing a few different options to see how best to fix the issue.

Components on MacOSX
Toby has reported various bugs (see our bugzilla for details) for components which do not pass their tests on MacOSX. The bugs relate to use of the sysinfo component and apply to testing components on any machine which has not run the client component at some point.

We now have a ReleaseTesting product and a list of versions including fc5, fc6, fc6_64, sl5 and sl5_64 so that Richard can file bugs about any problems with the testing release. Need to find out if it is possible to assign bugs to a group rather than an individual for when Chris is away.

SELinux project
Alastair will add a project entry for us to investigate SELinux at some point, it would make a good Personal Development project.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Think about personal development topics
  • Order a 64bit machine for the build server
  • DIY DICE documentation
  • Sort out virtualisation projects
  • Check System Design machines

Chris will:

  • Think about personal development topics
  • Prepare for tobermory upgrade
  • Write up power management project

Stephen will:

  • Think about personal development topics
  • RT Duty
  • buildtools project
  • Finish PXE upgrade work

-- StephenQuinney - 07 Mar 2008

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