MPU Meeting Thursday 14th February 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has now written some Perl modules and tools to handle the release management aspects of the buildtools rewrite. There is also a script for translating information stored within the file into the new lcfg.yml metadata file. A script has also been written for querying the metadata file in a basic fashion. These now need to be fully documented, tested and packaged.

rpmsubmit Project

Nothing happened.

Power management project

Chris has begun writing up his report on this project.


RPM slave upgrades
The RPM slaves (split and boreas) have now been upgraded to SL5.

LCFG test server upgrade
The LCFG test server (bressay) has now been upgraded to SL5, this paves the way for the two production servers (trondra and mousa) to be done in the next couple of weeks.

New package buckets
We are going to switch from ed and dice buckets to inf, uoe and world which specify the license restrictions on distribution of the software and nothing else.

Packaging guidelines
We agreed at the last Operational Meeting that MPU would draw up some packaging guidelines for COs to follow.

MPU backups
Chris has done a survey of our backups, we will discuss these at the next meeting.

Mac meeting
This is still due to happen

Release testing
We agreed to try using bugzilla to record problems with the weekly release testing. That way we might be able to get an idea of what the common problems are and how much effort is required to get things fixed.

kernel updates
There is an updated kernel available, the autoreboot component is now active and will manage all the desktop machines. We will have to reboot all the MPU servers.

-- StephenQuinney - 18 Feb 2008

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