MPU Meeting Tuesday 5th February 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has been working on release management.

rpmsubmit Project

Nothing happened.

Power management project

Chris asked for comments on the mailing list of and has been getting some interesting and helpful replies.

He's also moved the project diary from the wiki to Simon's proof of concept blog not-a-service, which fits very well with the project diary idea.


RT ticket clear-out
Alastair has cleared out a lot of old RT tickets. Could Stephen and Chris please clear theirs out too.
Farewell to the beep
We can now easily suppress the beep made by DICE machines with Alastair's new dice/options/disable_pcspkr.h header.
VMware Workstation 6
Alastair has got a copy of this for Stephen.
Monitoring the LCFG level
Alastair has file conflicts on his home machine. Stephen suggests setting up some virtual machines which follow the inf level, so we can monitor the state of the lcfg level in each week's release. The same notion could be used to check the LCFG server code by running an lcfg-level LCFG server.
Operational time
Alastair's a bit concerned at the amount of time we've been spending on work in the "operational" category. We came up with various possible explanations (SL5, Solaris patching, five supported platforms, the testing release). We'll monitor the time spent on operational work for another quarter then analyse it more thoroughly if the time still seems high.
Administrative note
The MPUActivitiesList has for some time featured a number of tasks which require a period of concentrated effort to get done, but aren't as big as a full blown project. As of now we'll list those tasks on MPUProjectAdmin instead, to help us to prioritise them properly and schedule them to get done.
fc5_64 headers
Stephen has cleared them out.
Minimal LCFG
Stephen has added a project entry for it.
Mac work
Alastair has clarified the Mac work with Toby. It covers both the particular job of making some Mac headers for us to tidy up our Mac profiles and the more general job of Mac LCFG development and liaison with enthusiastic Mac LCFG developers and users in other departments. Chris will be helping Toby and providing an MPU view of things.
auth/file component sequence
Stephen has reordered the start sequence slightly so that locally declared user accounts will be available to the file component when it starts up.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be on Monday 11th February at 2pm.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Upgrade RPM slave _boreas_
  • Discuss LCFG refactor project with Paul
  • RPM meeting
  • DIY DICE documentation

Chris will:

  • Power management
  • Solaris patch testing
  • RT Duty
  • Mac LCFG meeting
  • Go through RT tickets

Stephen will:

  • buildtools project
  • RPM meeting
  • Go through RT tickets

-- ChrisCooke - 06 Feb 2008

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