MPU Meeting Wednesday 30th January 2008

Buildtools Project

Stephen has been working on the structure of the metadata file which will be used to describe a component/package, this is a replacement for parts of As part of the work on how to handle this metadata he has also been investigating Moose, which is described as "A postmodern object system for Perl 5". This looks like a very promising way to improve OO programming in Perl and is likely to turn out to be more widely useful than just for the buildtools project.

rpmsubmit Project

Nothing happened.

Power management project

Chris has been contacted by the author of TuxOnIce regarding wake-alarm documentation, it seems that the guy had randomly discovered Chris's project diary.

Chris has also been looking at adding a resume hook for amd so that it gets restarted when the machine is restored, otherwise the daemon crashes (on FC6, at least).

The target is to write-up the project research for the March meeting.


network component
George had raised a question about the network component at the last Operational meeting. It seems that the 'auto' option assumes that the network is a class C, this will not be correct when we move to the Forum. It's not necessary to have this setting, we can hardwire things through the wire headers but it would be nice to fix this at some point.

This has been updated so that it now supports FC6 and SL5. The installroot and installbase profiles have been moved from Chris's diyhome into the MPU directory. Alastair has an SL5 vmware image managed through diydice, in the process of doing this he noticed that the documentation needs fixing and tidying, also there are some bits missing, he will look into making some improvements. Alastair also noticed that some of the resources being put into diydice source profiles could be added into the wire headers to make things simpler.

The mac mini, nice, has been upgraded to the release version of leopard.

Stephen has completed the merge of the new and updated packages for the SL5.0 to SL5.1 transition. The notes of what he did are on the SL5Log.

LCFG website
The final version of the LCFG website has been delivered, Stephen now needs to apply the changes to the live website.

LCFG Deployers meeting
Full details are on the Monthly Meetings page. Panos has added support for running vmware on a 64bit machine and Alastair has merged the header changes. Stephen agreed to sort out how the SL5 xen package lists are included (that's now done). Stephen will investigate the auth / file component sequence issues raised by Kenny.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th February at 2pm.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Upgrade RPM slaves boreas
  • Upgrade RPM slave split
  • Discuss LCFG refactor project with Paul
  • Talk to Toby about Mac support
  • rpmsubmit project
  • RT Duty

Chris will:

  • Power management
  • Solaris patch testing

Stephen will:

  • buildtools project
  • Look at auth / file component sequence
  • Finish LCFG website
  • Add minimal-LCFG project entry

-- StephenQuinney - 01 Feb 2008

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