MPU Meeting Wednesday 19th December 2007

LCFG Website

Stephen's done a service catalogue entry for the LCFG wiki with the help of Tim who added a few extra bits to his form. Stephen can now do the other entries fairly quickly.

Buildtools Project

The sysinfo component will go stable this week.

Stephen has mailed Ken with his suggestion for how inventory data can be injected from its home database into LCFG (a daily DB export plus rsync).

rpmsubmit Project

Nothing happened.

Power management project

Oddly, gothenburg only responds to Wake on LAN packets when it's been shut down from the BIOS rather than from the OS - any variety of OS-controlled shutdown puts it in a state unresponsive to WoL. Alastair and Stephen suggest looking at the ACPI setup to see if WoL has to be enabled there, or looking at the docs and code for the network driver for mentions of WoL, or checking XP's behaviour on the same hardware.

Chris's interest in switching from swsusp to TuxOnIce was met with caution: by all means try it out, but in general we try to stick to standard kernels as far as possible; any local kernel patching is generally a big headache and should be avoided wherever possible.


We'll add these topics to MPUStarGazing:

  • Managed Desktops: the MPU should ideally know enough about these to be able to distinguish between problems which are ours to solve and stuff which ought to be tackled by IS.
  • Mac LCFG: we need to at least track IS developments.

Chris has gathered some useful-looking pages from the upgrade wikis. We now need to transfer the content to our MPU pages. Some of it is out of date (but covering really useful areas which our docs don't currently cover) so Chris will indicate the status of such docs in their new home.

We want to re-examine our packaging practices. Maybe in February.

Stephen spent Friday helping with the exam lockdown setup. There's a severe problem with GDM restarts on HP 7100s and Dell GX270s: the graphics card memory seems to lock up completely. After a gdm restart nothing is shown on the screen. The machine is still perfectly functional otherwise and even responds to keyboard input; but the screen remains blank until a system restart.

We ran out of time at this point...

This Week

We didn't have time...

-- ChrisCooke - 19 Dec 2007

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