MPU Meeting Monday 29th October 2007

LCFG Website

Awaiting sign-off at the next Development meeting.

Solaris Improvement Project

Craig promises that one of the Solaris servers will have been patched before the next Development meeting on 7th November.

SL5 Project

Awaiting sign-off at the next Development meeting.

It was agreed that we would close off the SL5 project diary and start a new, ongoing SL5 activity page in the wiki.

Buildtools Project

Stephen spent some time talking to Kenny and Simon about ideas and possible approaches that could be used in the new buildtools system. One thought is that it might be good to base the system around standard tools, such as autoconf or cmake. This would reduce the support and maintenance burden and mean that new users would be more likely to have the required tools and be able to build things for themselves.

rpmsubmit Project

Alastair has done a basic script which handles the creation of AFS volumes for package repositories for new platforms. This will need to be improved at some point but it is good enough for now.

The current rpmsubmit command works fine with AFS so no changes are required.

Power management project

Chris has been doing some background reading. He has also ordered a device to measure power consumption. He will put together a project proposal for submission at the next Development Meeting.


Problems with the auto-rebooter were found last week and it was commented out so that it didn't go into the stable release. Stephen will look into reworking this tool so that people can do the reboot themselves in advance of the deadline.

Screen res. issue
Alastair has looked into this problem. It is likely that something like this has always existed. In the past we only detected the monitor at boot-time, now we try to detect it after every X restart (which includes each time someone does a logout) so any intermittent problem is more noticeable. He has looked at the old kudzu code, the X code and also a tool called read-edid. He proposes to alter the X code so that it checks the detected values and retries, for a number of times, if it sees bad information.

There is a new version of updaterpms which only removes boot-only packages at boot time. Stephen will test this on one of his machines.

New SL5 kernel list
Kenny was very pleased with the new SL5 kernel package list. It makes it very easy to slot in a different version of the kernel, e.g. for testing purposes.

SL5.1 kernel
Kenny has tested what should be the RHEL 5.1 kernel on a Dell 745 and it works well, there are no longer any long SATA timeouts when booting. He is planning to test it on the 755 as well when he gets it back.

LCFG Bug-tracker
We will leave the LCFG bug tracker for now, pending an upgrade of the Informatics bugzilla and the conversion of it to a fully supported service. Alastair will talk to Craig to find out the projected timescales for this work.

Server moves
figgy and prague have been reinstalled and are now in the correct places in the new KB rack

Server reboots
Since the openafs kernel module update lots of our machines are needing a reboot. Stephen will send out a list and we can each volunteer to do a few of them.

LCFG server changes
Stephen has completed the implementation of support for a %h format string in the header and package list include paths which is replaced with the source profile name in a similar manner to how the release id is handled. He has also discovered the source of the problem with authenticated access to the client XML profile not working. The server contains code to generate apache .htaccess files and this contained Apache 1.3 directives which do not work with Apache 2, this has now been fixed and is working on the test server.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Look at screen res. issues
  • More on rpmsubmit
  • Sift upgrade wikis
  • Speak to George about Mac headers
  • Speak to Craig about bugzilla timescales

Chris will:

  • RT Rota
  • Power management project proposal
  • Sift upgrade wikis
  • Server reboots

Stephen will:

  • Virtualisation write-up
  • Look at auto-rebooter
  • Test new updaterpms
  • Server reboots

-- StephenQuinney - 30 Oct 2007

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