MPU Meeting Tuesday 16th October 2007

LCFG Website

The final report is completed, it's just waiting for any feedback from Kenny and Michael Gordon.

It was agreed that the new styling for the website would be kept separate from the project so that we can close the project this month. We do not expect the work involved in changing the style of the LCFG website to take more than a couple of days. Stephen will talk to Paul to find out the current status of the design work.

Solaris Improvement Project

Nothing happened.

SL5 Project

The final report is completed.

There are some issues with how we handle the updates of kernel and kernel module packages. The naming scheme used by SL5 does not fit at all well with our current procedures. Alastair, Stephen and Kenny are going to meet and chat about this before the LCFG deployers meeting on Thursday.

We need to consider how we will handle the upgrade route from 5.0 to 5.1 and beyond. This will be discussed at the LCFG deployers meeting on Thursday.

Buildtools Project

Not yet started. Stephen hopes to get this started this week.

rpmsubmit Project

Alastair was on holiday for most of the week so no changes.

Chris's new project

Chris is going to start looking at the Power Managemement project.


LCFG Bug-tracker
Chris has a test service of the twiki bug-tracker running on florence, this is a copy of the LCFG wiki and our normal authentication should work. Everyone should have a go at filing bugs and see if we think this will suit our needs.

Server moves
figgy and prague have been moved to the new rack in the KB machine room. For some reason figgy did not boot and needs reinstalling, this will have to wait until the SL5 installer is fixed. The machines also need shuffling slightly to create a 1U gap between them.

FC3 build host
There is something wrong with boss, a GX240, which meant it failed to install. Stephen has given up on that machine and installed mull, A GX270 as the FC3 build host instead.

Moving wires
Carol will document how to move a machine from one wire to another without doing a reinstall.

Alastair has a small form factor GX740 to test with DICE. It is working fine and will be the machine we buy for new DICE desktops once the GX745 becomes unavailable. It doesn't work with the Windows managed desktop though so we will have to make this clear to CSOs.

openafs kernel module
This is now in the testing release and should go stable on Thursday. Stephen needs to check that the updaterpms reboot flag is set on the package specifications. The machines in the labs should be automatically rebooted, others will need manual intervention.

Server reboots
We noticed that a few of our machines are asking for reboots. It looks like tobermory is the only one that really needs doing right now. Stephen will do this later in the week.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • More on rpmsubmit
  • Sift upgrade wikis for wisdom
  • Speak to George about Mac headers
  • LCFG Deployers meeting

Chris will:

  • Send us a postcard from Spain

Stephen will:

  • RT Rota
  • Virtualisation write-up
  • Start buildtools project
  • LCFG Deployers meeting
  • Reboot tobermory

-- StephenQuinney - 16 Oct 2007

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