MPU Meeting Tuesday 9th October 2007

LCFG Website

It's finished! The new version of the code will be on dresden on Thursday. The LCFG web site will need an hour or so's downtime to rebuild the metadata from scratch. On the following Thursday Solaris support will be turned on.

Mac support has still to be added. Alastair suggests that we take it to the next development meeting with

  1. a proposal that we close this project
  2. a proposal that the Mac aspect be folded in to project 81, Enhance LCFG support for Mac OS investigation.

Stephen's going to seek feedback from Kenny MacDonald and Michael Gordon for the post-project report.

Solaris Improvement Project

It's slow going. Chris needs to meet with Craig to get it sorted.

SL5 Project

A draft of the project report was mailed round the MPU. Alastair suggests adding to it something about all the technical barriers to Panos' participation in the project - the various permissions, memberships and capabilities that had to be granted. (We might in future want to consider how to grant only the necessary access, for instance possibly using iFriend.)

Once the report is OK, Chris will mail it round COs together with a proposal that the project be closed at the next development meeting.

Buildtools Project

Stephen's hoping to make a start next week.

Alastair warned that we're going to have to start adding proper licence material into LCFG files in future; perhaps there's a role for the buildtools project here, automatically adding licence material to files when building them?

rpmsubmit Project

The alterations were accepted by the development meeting. There's been no further progress, but this shouldn't affect the milestones.

Chris's new project

Think about this for next week. It may turn out to be the power management project.


Dell 755
Chris didn't make much progress with this, possibly partly through lack of kernel knowledge. We've now run out of time. As soon as the 755 is on the SelectPC price list we'll be ordering one anyway, so we'll get back to this then.

Stephen and Simon gave a talk on our setup to EdLUG. It went pretty well, apart from Simon's demos! There are slides and there's a video too.

Unit report
Alastair got no feedback on the unit report (sorry). We thought it was fine. He'll send it out.

Stephen couldn't get the new version into stable until Ken had been reassured that the automatic reboot facility was working properly. As far as we know this is the User Support unit's baby now so Alastair will chat to Ken about it.

Next Week

We'll meet at 2pm on Tuesday.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • more on rpmsubmit
  • sift upgrade wikis for wisdom
  • speak to George about Mac headers

Chris will:

  • RT Duty
  • Talk to Carol about moving servers and about SL5 servers' serial consoles.
  • Make the MpuRescue page for abandoned docs.
  • LCFG twiki bug tracking
  • SL5 project report
  • Solaris patching

Stephen will:

  • getupdates for SL5
  • finish LCFG Web project
  • finish virtualisation writeup
  • sift upgrade wikis for wisdom

-- ChrisCooke - 09 Oct 2007

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