MPU Meeting Tuesday 2nd October 2007

LCFG Website

The documentation is done and linked from the MPUInternalProcedures page.

Stephen has done robustness tests on the site and found a few small bugs which have now been fixed.

Solaris Improvement Project

We're working towards applying the first set of patches. It's slow careful work but we're getting there.

SL5 Project

The build hosts are installed. The project is basically finished. All that needs to be done now really is the post-project report.

We need to add to the project plan for future LCFG porting projects: port getupdates script; mirror updates; ensure that updates are applying.

Buildtools Project

Not yet started.

rpmsubmit Project

The deadlines and milestones have been revised in preparation for this week's development meeting.


Dell 755
We're borrowing a Dell 755 (the next SelectPC) this week, to see how well it works with LCFG.

Power saving
Alastair has been having a look at and has picked up a potentially useful tip about switching off one core in dual core machines when not needed.

Next Week

We'll meet at 2pm on Tuesday.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • RT Duty
  • more on rpmsubmit
  • sift upgrade wikis for wisdom
  • speak to George about Mac headers
  • document fibre-channel support

Chris will:

  • SL5 update-getting technology
  • sift upgrade wikis for wisdom
  • LCFG twiki bug tracking
  • SL5 project report
  • sort sl5_64 updates
  • Solaris patching

Stephen will:

  • sift upgrade wikis for wisdom
  • finish LCFG Web project
  • LCFG slave apacheconf
  • virtualisation writeup

-- ChrisCooke - 03 Oct 2007

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