MPU Meeting Monday 24th September 2007

LCFG Website

The support for the Solaris packages is almost complete, just a few loose ends to tie up. The main task still to do is documentation of the code and various scripts.

Solaris Improvement Project

The Solaris patching broke salamander, it seems that the patches overwrite the kerberos configuration file /etc/krb5.conf. It looks like although the kerberos component is on the Solaris machines it is not managing this file correctly (if at all) so this is not any use for fixing the error.

SL5 Project

pkgtools has been built for the 32bit platform but not 64bit due to a lack of machine. Chris will be installing two build hosts - dubrovnik (64bit) and tarragona (32bit).

Lots of DICE headers have now had basic SL5 porting, the changes are documented in the SL5 diary.

All MPU test machines which do not have fibre channel devices attached have now been tested with SL5. We also have a new Dell PE1950 (budapest) with fibre-channel that is running SL5.

Buildtools Project

Not yet started.

rpmsubmit Project

A partition has been created by Craig and he has sent the instructions to Alastair on how to create volumes, these are on the MPU wiki. It will require some scripting, Alastair has done some development work using the FC6 repository as an example.

It was agreed that the project would be properly unstalled and the deadlines revised accordingly.


Test machines
Now the new rack is installed in the KB machine room we should move over our non-FC test machines to create some space in the other racks.

Dual-path fibre-channel
Alastair has a new machine, budapest, which is a Dell PE1950. This has SL5 installed on it and he is using it to work out how to support dual-path fibre-channel systems.

SL5 servers
CEG has agreed that SL5 is to be the new platform for our servers. All units are to draw up a list of server upgrades, prioritised by security requirements. dresden is our main priority as it is the only public facing machine.

Power saving
Alastair looked into turning on CPU throttling, this only gives very small savings but we should ensure that it gets turned on when new machines are configured and installed. We will advise the User Support unit as to what BIOS settings need to be altered.

Future server provision
We had a meeting and planned our future server requirements, Alastair has the notes and will write them up and take them to CEG.

apacheconf for dresden
We need to convert dresden to use the apacheconf component as this will greatly simplify management as well as give us monitoring.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Look through proposed projects
  • Dual-path fibre-channel support
  • rpmsubmit AFS volumes
  • Unstall rpmsubmit project

Chris will:

  • RT Rota
  • Look through proposed projects
  • SL5 buildhosts, documentation and pkgtools for 64bit
  • Solaris patching

Stephen will:

  • Look through proposed projects
  • LCFG website
  • Virtualisation write-up
  • openafs kernel module patch

-- StephenQuinney - 27 Sep 2007

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