MPU Meeting Monday 10th September 2007

LCFG Website

Stephen has now ported the LCFG website code to work with pkgtools and this is running on bigfan, it has not yet been shipped to dresden. The next step is to get the Solaris support completed. This needs a fixed version of the apacheconf component to be installed onto pezenas which must be done out of hours.

Solaris Improvement Project

Nothing happened.

SL5 Project

The work on the installation process is going well, it is now possible to PXE boot and install a 32bit SL5 system.

Chris asked about testing SL5 on various hardware, it was decided that the most important thing was to test on the MPU test server hardware.

Alastair will talk to CEG about plans for where to go next with the SL5 platform regarding support for the DICE level infrastructure.

Buildtools Project

This project hasn't started yet.

rpmsubmit Project

Alastair is waiting for Craig to create the necessary AFS volumes for the package buckets.


apacheconf for the LCFG servers
Stephen has moved the LCFG test slave server, bressay, over to using the apacheconf component. It will be fairly easy to move over the two live slave servers. The diydice server, dresden will need more thought as it also serves,, etc.. We also need to remember the beowulf slave server, illustrious, and coordinate with Iain.

SEE use of master.rpms
Alastair noticed that SEE are still going direct to master.rpms rather than having a local cache, he has spoken to Michael Gordon about changing the setup. He also fixed the lack of rsync access to fc6_64 and sl5_64 packages.

Future server provision
We need to have a meeting to plan future server provision for our unit for when we move to the Forum, it was agreed that we would meet at 10am on Thursday 20th September.

openafs bug
The LCFG slave server mousa crashed today because of a bug in the openafs kernel module. There is a patch available, Stephen will look into applying and testing it when he gets back from holiday.

There was an RT ticket about powersaving regarding cpu throttling when idle. Stephen mentioned that the reason this wasn't being used was due to it being turned off in the BIOS. Alastair will look into whether this makes any real difference in power consumption.

This Week

Alastair will :

  • RT Duty
  • Talk to CEG about fc6 projects and what to do next with SL5
  • Look through FC3Upgrade wiki pages
  • Look at powersaving BIOS settings

Chris will:

  • Work on SL5
  • Solaris patching
  • rpmcache and pkgtools for SL5
  • Remove fc5_64 from release scripts

Stephen will:

  • LCFG website solaris support

-- StephenQuinney - 10 Sep 2007

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