MPU Meeting Tuesday 4th September 2007

LCFG Website

lcfg-pkgtools is now complete enough to be used for the web site. The site code is being converted to use it. It now needs testing. It works in a very similar way to rpmcache which now works well with pkgtools so Stephen is optimistic.

After that, Stephen will tackle the bugs in the Solaris support.

The first draft of the new LCFG web site design will arrive at the end of next week.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris and Craig have agreed a Solaris patching plan which you can read about at MPUSolarisPatching. Basically the MPU will grab a set of patches, install and test them on a test Sun, then hand them over to the Services Unit, which will use them to patch one of its Sun servers per week until all servers have been patched. Once that's happened, the MPU will get and test another set of patches. This should give us a roughly two monthly patching cycle.

FC6 Project

Nothing happened.

SL5 Project

The SL5 installbase is working on both platforms with the help of an FC6 installroot. We're working on an SL5 installroot for both platforms.

We'll need to look, afterwards, at how development could be done in future by people less closely connected with us. (Perhaps there's a role for the buildtools project there?)

Stephen has fixed rpmcache and qxpack with his new lcfg-pkgtools so Chris will put the new versions of all of these onto both SL5 platforms.

Buildtools Rewrite

Nothing happened.


Alan Bundy's big screen
... is still proving troublesome. There's been a suggestion that Alan should be bought a Mac. However Alan wants DICE rather than Mac OS. Rather than installing DICE on a new Mac, we'll first try getting dalbeattie for Alan. We'll also talk to Ken about handing this matter over to the user support unit.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Setup up rpmsubmit AFS buckets
  • Talk to Ken about final reports on devproj
  • Upgrade torridon to fc6_64.
  • Set up rpmsubmit AFS buckets.
  • Think about personal development topics.

Chris will:

  • Continue the SL5 project.
  • Talk to Toby about "nice.local" issue
  • Start the Solaris patching cycle.
  • Think about personal development topics.

Stephen will:

  • Continue to write up the Virtualisation stuff.
  • Move boreas to AT.
  • Be on RT Duty
  • Think about personal development topics.

Paul will:

  • Flesh out the LCFG doc project.
  • Submit the LCFG server refactoring project.
  • Think about personal development topics.

-- ChrisCooke - 06 Sep 2007

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