MPU Meeting Monday 27th August 2007

LCFG Website

Nothing happened. It was decided that we would raise the priority of this project and Stephen will get the necessary lcfg-pkgtools work completed.

Solaris Improvement Project

Nothing happened, waiting for Craig to return from holiday.

FC6 Project

The final report has been done and added to the devproj page for this project. Alastair will mention to Ken the need for a separate "final report" section in the system.

SL5 Project

Currently working on the install process. A few problems have cropped up with components having configuration options hardwired into component code, particularly lcfg-hardware with the kernel modules config file. It was agreed that Chris would do a quick fix along the lines of the "old" way and that Stephen would look into fixing this properly by moving it into an LCFG resource.

It was suggested that it should be possible to use the FC6 installer to install an SL5 machine to test the porting of the installbase and the various install related components.

Alastair mentioned that a good way to test the fstab component is to use an external disk and the adddisk method in the component.

Chris noted that qxpack tool and the rpmcache component do not work on x86_64 platforms, they use a default architecture of i386. Stephen said that this could be fixed by converting them both to using the new lcfg-pkgtools code. He will work on it this week along with the changes needed for the LCFG website.

Buildtools Rewrite

Stephen has written a proposal for this project ready for submission to the September development meeting, Alastair has made some comments. Stephen will now publish it to COs.


Status monitoring
Alastair has implemented monitoring support for rpmaccel. Stephen will add a live/mp-unit.h to include all the basic monitoring stuff and modify all the MPU machine profiles so that it is included.

apacheconf component
pezenas is now using the apacheconf component and is thus being monitored. The source profile will need tidying once the changes become stable.

Stephen has fixed the problem with the gdm component creating a dumb default session desktop file which masked a better one which is shipped with the OS.

MacOSX profiles
Stephen noticed that all the source profiles for MacOSX machines are rather inconsistent and nothing is done via the inclusion of headers.

Dual-path fibre channel
We need to investigate setting up dual-path fibre channel support.

torridon upgrade
torridon needs upgrading to FC6

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Tidy up source profile for pezenas
  • Talk to George about wire headers
  • Setup up rpmsubmit AFS buckets

Chris will:

  • SL5 project
  • Talk to Toby about "nice.local" issue
  • Solaris patching with Craig
  • RT Duty

Stephen will:

  • Virtualisation stuff
  • lcfg-pkgtools for LCFG website
  • live/mpu header for monitoring

-- StephenQuinney - 30 Aug 2007

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