MPU Meeting Monday 20th August 2007

LCFG Website

Nothing has happened.

Solaris Improvement Project

Nothing has happened.

FC6 Project

This project is closed, Alastair will write a short report.

SL5 Project

Stages 7, 8 and 9 are finished.

The gdm component's default session file path (gdm.sessiondesktopdir) needs looking at. A couple of the directories in the default path list don't seem to exist on any of our supported platforms. More seriously there's a broken default.desktop file which is hiding a working vendor-supplied default.desktop file. Stephen is going to investigate.

One of the mail components usually needs a new custom blob of sendmail configuration for each new platform. We can try reusing an existing one but it hasn't worked in the past. Neil or another mail expert can help with this.


rsync services monitored
Our rsync services are now monitored.

apacheconf component
It now works with apache 2. Alastair will use it on pezenas.

lcfg2 & lcfg4
  • The develop and testing releases are now getting their profiles from lcfg2 and lcfg4.
  • On Thursday the stable release will move to the new servers too.
  • We'll need to keep the old aliases going (attached to the new servers) for a while to cater for switched off machines.
  • The contents of dice/options/inf-site.h (including the definition of "client.url") have been moved to a live header to give us the opportunity to change them more quickly than the weekly release schedule allows.
  • This led on to a realisation that the wire headers need some maintenance and will need to be changed for the new building anyway. Alastair will talk to George about it.

FC6 qlogic support
There are three components to qlogic support. The driver is there. The HBA software is also OK. However the Switch Manager software doesn't build under FC6, is packaged in a horrendous way, doesn't work with the most recent switch firmware which we're going to have to upgrade to soon, and dies soon anyway. All in all it's not worth the effort.

GX745 graphics card troubles
  • Switching from X to a virtual text console then back to X disables X completely; to recover the ability to use X the machine has then to be rebooted.
  • It doesn't seem to work with large monitors.
  • Does this happen with Fedora 7 too?
  • Does this happen with the 2.6.22 kernel?

This Week

Alastair will :

  • be on RT duty.
  • write the FC6 project report.
  • look at Stephen's buildtools proposal.
  • make pezenas use apacheconf.
  • think about rpmaccel monitoring.
  • revive the rpmsubmit project.

Chris will:

  • Work on SL5
  • Chase up the UKUUG article from Sean McGeever
  • Ask Kenny about MacOSX client problem

Stephen will:

  • write up his virtualisation research
  • try Fedora 7
  • finish the buildtools proposal.

-- ChrisCooke - 20 Aug 2007

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