MPU Meeting Monday 23rd July 2007

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Nothing happened.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris patched his machine cherub and the AFS client was broken. Reinstalling the machine made AFS work again so he's not sure what went wrong. Chris has asked Craig if he wants to check anything before application of the most recent patches, no response so far. Chris will contact Craig again to coordinate patching of cherub.

FC6 Project

Alastair will put this forwards for closure.

SL5 Project

Alastair will put a proposal for this project into the development meeting, Chris will be the project leader.

Chris has been sorting out the pre-requisite packages for LCFG component packages to allow building and testing. He will update his notes and put them all onto the LCFG wiki. It was agreed that we would try to organise another short meeting next week to discuss progress.

LCFG Brainstorming Meeting

This happened last Friday. The notes will all be put onto the LCFG wiki, we will discuss this next week when Paul is available.


New servers
Alastair has ordered two new Dell PE860s to replace the current LCFG slave servers - boreas and kipper as they have reached the end of their warranty. He has also purchased a Dell 1950 as a test/spare machine. It was agreed that one new slave would be placed in KB and the other in AT (in the new rack). One of the old PE750 machines would become an RPM slave (instead of the PE650 slim), the PE650 would become a replacement for the LCFG test server crisps and the other PE750 might become a virtualisation test server.

FC5 bugs
It was agreed that we need to track bugs in the FC5 platform now that there is no upstream support from fedora. This probably involves someone subscribing to bugtraq and looking for important problems for which we need to patch software.

It appears that the MSc student is surviving with the WS390 and that we might not need to order a WS490 after all. Alastair will look into whether we need to do anything further.

Stephen has made a start on the qlogic FC card support for FC6. Alastair will check what still needs to be done.

Kernel upgrade
Stephen has prepared a kernel upgrade for FC6 which provides Xen and PAE kernels. The plan is that this will go out in the stable release of 9th August if all goes well.

MacOS 10.5
Alastair still needs to get the latest version so that Chris can do the install and testing.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • FC6 project closure
  • SL5 project proposal
  • Get the latest MacOS 10.5
  • Check about the WS490

Chris will:

  • Install latest MacOS 10.5
  • Mail lcfg-discuss about the workshop recordings
  • Move SL5 journal to the LCFG wiki and update
  • More on the SL5 project
  • Talk to Craig about Solaris patching

Stephen will:

  • Write up virtualisation notes and prepare a talk for COs
  • Roll out the xfree and network component updates
  • Xen support for the grub and kernel components
  • Test new FC6 kernel
  • Review the monitoring code for Simon

-- StephenQuinney - 24 Jul 2007

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