MPU Meeting Tuesday 26th June 2007

LCFG Website

Nothing happened.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris let loose pca on his Sun cherub with mixed results: it identified 80 patches that needed to be installed or upgraded and took two and a quarter hours to perform the patching; Craig reckoned this was reasonable when applying so many patches. After the patching process AFS was broken, but then it was broken before it too, though in a different way. Craig is investigating the AFS problem. Once that's explained and fixed, we hope to patch salamander next as a trial for the fileservers.

The user can be very selective about which patches to install or ignore.

The meeting suggested that some sort of lightweight automation be used to store the correct command line switches and parameters and make it easy to for instance exclude or include particular patch numbers.

FC6 Project

The PXE problem has been fixed. The problem was on the Solaris-based NFS root: Solaris gnutar and gzip truncate filenames at 83 characters. Switching to cpio solved the problem.

We'll need to redo PXE after the stable release. All platforms will need the latest fstab component.

The CD install problem has been fixed. The CD installroot was missing a routing component.

LCFG Workshop

Chris has almost finished getting the recordings up on the web.

Chris will ask Sean McGeever about a possible short article for the UKUUG newsletter.


Testing release
Stephen fixed a couple of minor problems in this week's release.

fc6 DICE now runs on it.

Alastair will order one and get fc6 DICE running on it.

fstab component
Alastair has fixed it.

component patches
Alastair will integrate Michael Gordon's patches for the xfree and network components.

Component changes for Xen
the grub and kernel components will need changes to make them Xen-aware. Stephen will look into it.

Kernel upgrade
We need to do a kernel version upgrade for fc6. We need to provide PAE and Xen versions. The PAE extension is needed for machines with more than 4GB of memory.

MacOS 10.5
A new release is due soon. Alastair will get it and Chris will install it and try out LCFG as before.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Apply Michael Gordon's enhancements to the xfree and network components.

Chris will:

  • Be on RT duty.
  • Investigate Solaris patching.
  • Solaris docs
  • Workshop recordings.

Stephen will do:

  • Personal development - Virtualisation

-- ChrisCooke - 27 Jun 2007

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