MPU Meeting Tuesday 5th June 2007

LCFG Website

Nothing to report.

Solaris Improvement Project

Craig approves of the proposed changes.

FC6 Project

  • Stephen has been checking the lcfg-server header files under FC6.

  • Alastair has got FC6 DICE running on a Mac Pro. The only snag is that it can't see all the memory - it's as if the BIOS isn't reporting it all.

LCFG Workshop

  • We've switched to the north lab as the south lab was too small and cramped.

  • We now have 22 attendees; we should avoid having any more so as not to dilute the student/staff ratio any further.

  • Catering all arranged.

  • Manuals all printed and with Marije.

  • The slides all need to be ready first thing in Monday to submit to the printers just in time to get them back first thing on Tuesday, just in time for Marije to take them to AT.

  • The printing costs are swallowing up most of the remaining money, but we should still avoid a loss.

  • We'll save the cost of employing a student for security by keeping the door locked after all.


Testing release
The fc6_64 release isn't installing properly. Stephen's taking action to fix it.

Alastair is ordering a 390 for the MPU as a number of them are going in downtown.

Multi-platform builds
Stephen has made a start on a tool to help do these more tidily.

Spanning maps
Simon may have found a more general instance of the errors spanning map update time problem.

Dual head on 530
It turns out that the dual-output cards don't fit into 530s so Gilbert has to spend time doing card surgery. Not ideal.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • LCFG workshop.

Chris will:

  • LCFG workshop.

Stephen will:

  • LCFG workshop.

-- ChrisCooke - 05 Jun 2007

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