MPU Meeting Tuesday 29th May 2007

LCFG Website

Paul has received a small grant to allow us to get some web designers to come up with a new look.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris has updated the devproj entry for the project and added a comment noting why the changes were made. Alastair and Stephen will look through the changes and new milestones.

FC6 Project

  • Carol has finished testing fc6 on the available desktop hardware in KB. There was a question as to whether the Dell WS530 was still used by users or just COs.

  • Alastair has finished work on making laptops use dhcp and network manager by default on fc6.

  • Stephen has fixed DVD playing so they now auto-play in gnome.

  • Chris has changed the buildtestingcd script so that it also builds a CD image for fc6_64

LCFG Workshop

  • Chris is going to have a meeting with Marije this week to discuss the practical details of holding the workshop. They are also planning to go down to Appleton Tower next week to check how it will work on the day.

  • We need to check the hardware in the lab to ensure it is capable of running the vmplayer image.

  • It was agreed that we should have a feedback form for the attendees to fill in at the end of the day.


Chris now has a script that can be used to manage this. It still needs to be modified to take the list of components we want to watch for reboot requests.

dual-head displays
Stephen will work on dual-head portrait mode support this week

Minimal LCFG
This has been put on hold until July/August time, sufficient work has been done to get the vmware image working for the LCFG workshop.

MacOS 10.5
Chris has spoken to Simon and Toby about getting kerberos correctly configured. He will document the required procedure in the MPU wiki. He hasn't yet tested any of the LCFG components.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Prepare his LCFG workshop talk

Chris will:

  • Talk to Marije about the LCFG workshop
  • More work on the auto-rebooter
  • Document the krb5 tweaks he did on MacOS 10.5

Stephen will:

  • Prepare his LCFG workshop talk
  • Work on dual-head support
  • Install FC6 on another test server

-- StephenQuinney - 29 May 2007

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