MPU Meeting Monday 7th May 2007

LCFG Website

Stephen has done quite a bit of work on redoing the rpmcache libraries so they can be used for Solaris (and other platforms), the code is named lcfg-pkgutils and is in the CVS repository. This is not quite done yet but is getting there. The target for completing the Solaris support has been pushed back to the end of May. It was agreed at the development meeting that MacOSX support will not be added for now and the project will be left in a stalled state once that point has been reached.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris has been looking into patching. He has found a patch tool that could solve a lot of our patch administration issues, he needs to do some more investigating. Chris will update the devproj entry for the project.

FC5 Upgrade

Nothing really happened.

FC6 Project

Some hardware testing has been done by Carol.


LCFG workshop
The speakers had a meeting on Monday to plan the talks. Chris has now ordered the USB audio device for recording the talks. There are 18 people registered to attend the workshop.

divine component
Alastair asked on lcfg-discuss about for what people are using the divine component. Kenny and Michael Gordon responded that they were using it for machines that use dhcp. Alastair will respond to them to explain how to do this with the network component instead. We can then deprecate the divine component for fc6. Laptops will default to using dhcp in this way for fc6. Need to look if we can add a cpp-based warning so that users will get some notification about the deprecation.

diydice problems
It turns out that, currently, using the file component to set file owner or group when the users or groups are not in the local passwd/group files is a bad idea. At boot time the file component gets started well before the openldap component so the owner and group lookups fail and the file ends up with the default which is root:root. We need to work out how to resolve this problem.

Network channel bonding
Alastair has got this working. It needs an update to the network component to add a new resource.

FC6 testing
Stephen will upgrade adenoid to fc6 and then announce it as a login machine that will be available for users to test their own software. We should look to upgrading torridon to fc6/x86_64 soon as it is much better supported than fc5/x86_64. Will avoid testing on prague for now as Ian has been doing some development work on it.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Make vmware fc5 image for Stephen
  • Personal development topics
  • Flesh out bugs
  • Tidy up laptop support for fc5 and fc6
  • LCFG deployers meeting

Chris will:

  • Look at Sun patching
  • MacOSX 10.5
  • diydice and file component problem
  • auto-rebooter
  • LCFG workshop planning
  • Perl

Stephen will:

  • Minimal LCFG image
  • Rough out LCFG workshop tutorial
  • Install fc6 on a test server
  • Sort out apache config on pezenas

-- StephenQuinney - 08 May 2007

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