MPU Meeting Wednesday 18th April 2007

LCFG Website

Stephen has started work on parsing the package lists for Solaris and combining this with information from the Solaris pkginfo headers to generate the Solaris pages on the website. He is taking the opportunity to extract out the generic parts of LCFG::RPMCache::Utils to allow for code reuse.

Solaris Improvement Project

All Solaris machines are now using the current LCFG headers stored in subversion. There is now a need for a review of the project to see what, if anything, should be done next.

FC5 Upgrade

Alastair will look into FC5 support for laptops and check that it is all working.

FC6 Project

The project is basically complete now, we just need to check any auto-built components that belong to MPU. Stephen will talk to Carol about beginning testing of the various hardware used for desktop machines so we can produce the support matrix. Stephen had tried an upgrade from fc5 to fc6 (without reinstall). On a GX620 it took 2 hours (cf 45 mins for reinstall). It was not possible to use the machine during the upgrade as X was broken. It was agreed that we would not follow up this route further as there was not much to be gained given that we do not need to repartition the system disk this time and thus could preserve any local data.

64bit Project

This will now be closed in the May development meeting. Alastair needs to clarify usage of Inf headers for Ken.


Old headers
Now that the Solaris profiles have been moved Stephen has removed all the deprecated rfe maps for old header and package files. They will completely disappear with next week's stable release. After that we will make an archive of the rfedata tree and store it in the MPU AFS group space and delete all the obsolete headers and packages lists from the rfedata directory on tobermory
"at" question
Alastair has now modified the necessary resources so that everyone can use the "at" command.
New kernel
On install of the latest fc5 kernel the nvidia module did not get successfully recompiled. Stephen fixed this with a new version of the installer. It was agreed that we would compile a list of kernel modules for which we should test compilation before pushing out new kernels in the future.
Alastair has modified the updaterpms component so that it will call the configure method of the grub component when a new kernel is installed.
LCFG wiki
Chris has setup a wiki for LCFG. Users have to register, we can add an authentication system at a later date. There was some discussion of what pages should be transferred from the old wiki, this will be sorted out as part of the wider discussions on how we structure our documentation.
Documentation Review
It was agreed that next Monday we would meet to discuss the documentation we currently have and where it should be put. Probably a lot of it should be made generally available through the LCFG website. What goes into the static structure and what goes into the wiki though?
LCFG Workshop
Currently there are 13 people registered for the workshop. Four of these are from within Edinburgh University, it was agreed that these people would be charged at a lower rate. The workshop will be carried out in South lab at Appleton Tower, the screen and data projector have been booked. We will need to organise a radio microphone and software to record the presentations - possibly not using the Mac software as that doesn't seem to generate files which work correctly on Windows or Linux. All the speakers should meet at some point mid-May to agree what each person is going to talk about, so that the talks all work together and complement each other. There should then be another meeting at the end of May to review the written talks. We will need to organise name badges, maybe with some way of differentiating between attendees and organisers.
MacOSX 10.5
Alastair now has a copy which can be put on our Mac mini.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • AFS structure for rpmsubmit
  • Personal development topics
  • Close 64bit project
  • Check FC6 autobuilt components

Chris will:

  • Review Solaris project
  • LCFG workshop
  • Learn more Perl
  • Install MacOSX 10.5

Stephen will:

  • Talk to Carol about fc6 hardware testing
  • Hardware header metadata
  • Solaris package headers and lists
  • Minimal LCFG

-- StephenQuinney - 20 Apr 2007

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