MPU Meeting Monday 2nd April 2007

LCFG website

Nothing has happened on this recently.

Solaris Improvement Project

Chris has converted salamander, elf and ouroboros to the new headers, as test machines for the Services Unit.

FC5 Upgrade

The remaining RPM slave has been upgraded to FC5.

FC6 Project

The first FC6 testing/stable releases are being made this week. The kernels are finalised, including the installer kernel. CD installation now works on all hardware. Stephen is going to mail COs about FC6 packages: the instructions will be to grep for "autobuilt" and the UUN to find packages still needing to be properly built for FC6.

There's a new component for SASL configuration. This will help us to get round LDAP auth problems.

Once we have a stable FC6 release, Stephen will try an FC5 to FC6 upgrade. We expect it to be slower than a reinstall.


"at" question
Roger asked if FC5 users are intentionally banned from using "at". We don't think so. Stephen is going to compare the behaviour between FC3 and FC5.

ov511 kernel module question (RT 30018)
Alastair will tackle this then tell the unit how he did it.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Add personal development topics to the wiki
  • Get vmware player working on DICE.
  • Get Mac OS X 10.5.

Chris will be:

  • Working on the LCFG Workshop publicity.
  • Making the LCFG wiki.
  • Working on Perl.
  • Chasing up Sun header conversion.

Stephen will be tidying up fc6.

-- ChrisCooke - 04 Apr 2007

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