MPU Meeting Monday 5th March 2007

LCFG website

Craig could not think of any reason that would stop us moving /repository to pezenas. Chris will look into doing it this week, it will require the updating of various jumpstart scripts which have the repository server IP address hardwired. Once this is done Stephen will do some work on adding Solaris support to the LCFG website.

Solaris Improvement Project

Craig has moved his test server manticore over to the new headers. He reinstalled the machine, which worked, but he cannot login to the machine. He thinks this might be caused by the additional kerberos settings he has added. Chris is going to have a meeting with Craig on Friday to discuss the move of the Solaris machines to the new headers.

FC5 Upgrade

Nothing happened this week. Stephen had checked the list of outstanding bugzilla entries but no more can be closed until we upgrade the RPM slave servers.

FC6 Project

Stephen is now well on with the production of the Inf level FC6 platform. It can now be installed from CD for both i386 and x86_64. Thanks to Neil it is now possible to send mail from FC6 managed machines.

Stephen will look at the possibility of sharing package repositories between i386 and x86_64 for fc6 to reduce the amount of package building required (for noarch packages, in particular).

It was agreed that we would start doing full release management and weekly testing of fc6 from the beginning of April. This should mean that we find any problems well before the platform goes into full production usage.

Stephen is planning to announce an "alpha" release to external users after the next testing/stable release cycle, likely to be Friday 16th March. At this point the platform will not be advertised on the website but headers and packages will be available for testing purposes.


Header metadata
Alastair will send Stephen a tarball of what he had working.

Upgrade achilles services
Stephen will mail COs again about the services remaining on achilles which are holding up the upgrade to fc5.

LCFG wiki and bugzilla
Chris has been looking into this but has had some problems configuring the apache authentication/authorization. Alastair will help Chris look into finding a solution.

New kernel
A new kernel and openafs are in this week's testing release. If all goes well with testing this will be in the stable release and all the stable machines will need rebooting sometime after Thursday afternoon.

LCFG syslog component
Stephen has prepared a fix for the faulty start method. This has been pushed out and it should be picked up at the same time as the new kernel which will hopefully clear the status pages of errors.

installbase header changes
Alastair has completed the testing of these.

This Week

Chris will:

  • LCFG tutorial workshop:
    • finding out about possible Informatics venues
    • finding out about Informatics financial arrangements
    • Attending an "Organising and costing workshops and seminars" event
    • getting new possible dates
  • testing & stable releases
  • fixing the makeinstallstablerelease script
  • Moving /repository to pezenas
  • Looking at the LCFG manual generator

Stephen will:

  • FC6 project:
    • PXE booting
    • Looking at possibility of merging fc6 and fc6_64 package repositories
  • Internal PXE documentation
  • Mail COs about services on achilles

Alastair will:

  • Check that he responded to Julian's ticket(s)
  • Check that the inf level headers don't still need tidied
  • Email out his prototype LCFG headers with metadata
  • Help Chris with the WIKI
  • Ask INF unit to look at IPMI and serial console issues
  • Move orders host to tobermory
  • Chase US re remaining redhat9 profiles

-- StephenQuinney - 06 Mar 2007

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